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Kristen Walker

It is wonderful to hear the stories of personal and professional growth of our ELP participants and graduates.

Kristen Walker completed the Graduate Certificate in Business (Enterprise Leadership) and tells us that her study supported her move into more senior roles within her organisation and prepared her for opportunities outside of her organisation.  
This is what Kristen had to say about her journey.

Who or what influenced/inspired you to apply?
I had taken on a new management role at my organisation and felt that updating/gaining current skills in business would benefit both myself and the organisation. I was seeking a new challenge and was looking for something that would provide skills that would help take my career up a level. I needed education that would help me stand out from the pack and would expose me to current leadership and business thinking.

What course did you do – & why did you choose it?
I completed the Graduate Certificate in Business (Enterprise Leadership). It appealed to me because the subjects are provided in two parts – an award module and active learning module. This set up provided me with an opportunity to ease back in to study, and provided me with a stepping stone to future learning … maybe even a masters!

What was your personal growth story?
Like most women, I had underestimated my capabilities. I knew how to get things done in my workplace but I couldn’t have articulated the theories and frameworks to explain why what I was doing worked.

Completing this study gave me a language that allows me to engage with Senior/Executive leaders within the organisation; to anticipate their needs and drivers. This helped me to be prepared with sound evidence-based approaches to improved business outcomes.

The study has given me confidence to apply for roles that I previously would’ve avoided as “outside my capability”. It has given me connection and perspective;  through seeing the skills and approach of professionals across Government and Private organisations.

This study helped support my move into more senior roles within the organisation and prepared me for opportunities outside of the organisation.

How did this study transform you / or the organisation that you work for?
I learn best when I can take the theoretical and make it practical. The workplace projects provided an opportunity to take a real-world workplace situation and apply the skills and frameworks being taught. The lecturers were engaging and helpful. The breadth of their real-world experiences meant that they could help each of us with our projects.

I win because I’m applying the techniques that I’m learning which leads to better retention and understanding.

The organisation wins – because I applied my learnings they got improved outcomes.

Overall, the ELP taught me how to build on my existing strengths, and gave me frameworks that make my skills explainable and transferrable.

What was the highlight of your study experience?
For me, a highlight was each of the guest speakers that attended the workshops on the second day of the active learning component. They were engaging, insightful, and generous in offering their time, thoughts, journey. All were very open, it was amazing to be able to meet and ask questions of these industry leaders.

What advice would you give to someone looking at trying to do what you have done?
Just start! The Graduate Certificate is delivered through the ELP in bite-sized chunks that make it compatible with full-time work.

Kristen Walker
February 2020

Did you know…
Participating in the ELP program can give you credit into our MBA and Masters of Business programs.  Find out more.


Dr Kate Joyner is the Interim Director, Corporate Programs and Learning Innovation in the Graduate School of Business, QUT. Kate provides academic leadership for the Public Sector Management Program and delivers executive education in the areas of leadership, systems thinking and strategy. Kate’s speciality is developing leaders and leadership groups for the challenges of the 21st century.

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