Enabling Transformation Through Innovation

Digital disruption, competition and uncertainty are powerful motivators, and they create the context for incredible innovation… when we know what to do about it!

Welcome to the possibilities of enabling organisational transformation through innovation.

Dr Tony Peloso talks about his workshop where you will have the opportunity to meet guest panelists, Graham Yerbury, General Manager, Performance, Risk and Finance at CleanCo Queensland, and Rowan Grant, Co-Founder of Full Circle Venture Fund, who will share insights from their diverse experience.

Explore the dynamics of organisational change and find out how to ensure that your strategy, structure and culture are transformation enablers, and discuss

Find out more about this inspiring one-day workshop:


Tony is a Corporate Educator for QUT, teaching strategic thinking, strategy implementation, innovation and marketing. He has strong expertise in strategic thinking and business planning, innovation and creative processes, and leadership development. Tony’s research interests include employee loyalty, organisational climates, and corporate reputation.

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