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Onward and Upward – the Road Forward for You

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Looking to build your career, and bound from success to success? Aren’t we all! In today’s environment of everyone getting more qualifications and being more educated than ever before there is the constant query.

What else do I need to do?

It is a good question.
From a Careers’ perspective, it is all about pulling that question apart. You would like to make an informed decision, making sure that your time, energy, and money are well spent on helping you make your way forward in your learning and your career.
So, how can you do this? How can you access what is meaningful for you? Research demonstrates to us that “Meaningful work” increases job satisfaction, minimises intention to leave, increases work commitment and improves employee’s mood. Meaningful work has a different definition for each individual but can be defined as work that you feel supports the “Greater Good”. In order to work out what this “Greater Good” might be for you I recommend you ask yourself the following questions and write down the answers you come up with.

What do I want to do?  

This could be education, career goals, promotions, family goals, travel goals- any and all. Consider what you are good at, promotions may be great, pay rises too- but if the promotion is to a role you would not enjoy then is it really worth it?

What do I have time to do? 

Consider when you will have time to study, get mentored, meet your family, social, or friend obligations. Consider when you will have a social life and relax and recuperate.
What does my industry expect me to do? 
Industries are constantly changing with technology, economies, and globalisation. Staying relevant to industry is a key aspect of employability. You can do this through education such as courses, experience, or purely through self-reflection and continuous improvement. Do your research, talk to people who you admire, join industry organisation and build relationships with your peers.


Finally, weigh your options, and step out of your comfort zone and forward into your future!
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