Art Hunt Uncovers City’s Hidden Treasures

John and George presenting the Art Hunt at TEDx Brisbane 2018
John and George presenting the Art Hunt at TEDx Brisbane 2018

The Art Hunt is a strategy game and experiential learning activity developed by the QUT Graduate School of Business. Originally inspired by a treasure hunt activity, the Art Hunt twists the concept and takes it to a new level.

It pits teams against each other to a race around the city, earning points by discovering artworks and cultural artefacts scattered throughout the streets. Participants upload team photos and artefact details as they go, while a real-time leader board, interactive map, and game feedback promotes engagement and competition. 

Mobile phone with map image
Participants upload team photos and artefact details as they go

The Art Hunt is fun and fast-paced, unpredictable and dynamic, as points change over time and according to other teams’ actions. However, it also encourages strategy, abstract thinking, clear communication, and planning, as the fastest team is not necessarily the winner and no strategy is guaranteed to bring success. 

The activity has been used since early 2018 in Brisbane and Canberra in QUT’s MBA and Executive MBA programs as an orientation activity, where rapid and effective team formation and bonding is essential.

It has also been used in corporate team-building activities and as a TEDx Adventure, after it’s co-creators, George Hickey and Dr John Bensley, were speakers at TEDx Brisbane 2018.  

The Art Hunt was used as a TEDx Adventure

Treasure Hunting for Purpose

The Art Hunt will next be utilised on 10 November 2019, where treasure hunting will take on more literal sense, raising funds for One Volunteer, a social enterprise founded by QUT MBA student Justin MacDonald. This event will see up to 100 participants racing around the city, developing and adapting strategy, and rediscovering the cultural depth to Brisbane that’s often overlooked. 

For details about this event, or to register go to:


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