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What’s Next in Immersive Learning?

‘Immersive’ is engaging someone’s attention entirely, but in today’s rapidly changing world, what defines immersive is changing.

On Sunday, 9th December, QUTeX was proud to sponsor the TEDx Brisbane event, What’s Next. Over 600 people turned up to the event, and as always with TEDx, were treated to some truly revolutionary thinking on our humanity, our technology and our collective moral imperative. This event was the perfect opportunity for QUTeX to showcase how it is working to bring fully immersive, interactive learning experiences to students – inside and outside the classroom. At the QUTeX activation space, participants were invited to witness interviews with six QUT researchers working This experience took place, not in person, but in the virtual realm. Because the interviews were recorded using a 360-degree camera, participants were able to ‘be there’ using the Oculus Go headset.

I noticed that some people were a bit unsure about putting on the headset…but once they did the reaction is always ‘Wow’! Because it really is like you are standing right there in the room.

“The potential of this technology is very powerful, particularly for distance education – meaning any situation in which you want to put students together with an expert who can’t be there in person”, says Peter Bevan, the Director of QUTeX Open Professional Programs. “In any situation in which a demonstration is necessary, this offers a much more comprehensive visual field for the learner than flat video, and a much more compelling and memorable experience.”

Using the latest in virtual reality technology with the Oculus Go, QUTeX showed audiences what VR can do, and what the future of immersive learning actually looks like.

With cross-disciplinary learning on the rise, virtual reality is an area of untapped potential. From putting trainee train drivers into simulations to safer evacuation drills, the opportunities are limitless. Embodying QUT’s education for the real world, Oculus’s VR technology gives a unique opportunity to actually bring the real world into the classroom and revolutionise the nature of learning.

The use of the Oculus GO is currently being piloted in programs globally at some of the world’s leading institutions.

QUTeX’s audience engagement at the recent TEDxBrisbane event is just the beginning of what this exciting tool can do for QUTeX students. Whats Next? The answer is QUTeX.

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