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QUT ExecInsights – Matt Brown on the promise of genomics for treatment of cancer and disease

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Distinguished Professor Matt Brown, QUT Director of Genomics, talks to Kate about the collaborative research which is revolutionising our understanding of the causes of rare and common heritable diseases, cancers and even infectious diseases.

Kate and Matt speak about the speed of technological change in genomic research and the inherent challenges of international collaborative research.

Read more about Professor Brown’s research at:


Dr Kate Joyner develops leaders and leadership groups for the challenges of the 21st century. She also has particular expertise and academic interest in smart collaboration between organisations and institutions. Kate writes about cooperative ideas, models and practice for an abundant and fair future. As a skilled facilitator, she works with organisations and their partners to deliver productive collaborations.


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      Dr Kate Joyner Reply

      Hi James,
      In October 2019, Matt Brown took up a position in the United Kingdom as Professor of Medicine and Director of the King’s College London National Institutes of Health Biomedical Research Centre. Matt retains ties to QUT as an Adjunct Professor. Hope you enjoyed hearing about directions in genomic research, and thanks for the questions

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