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QUT celebrated its largest ever Canberra Graduation 26 March, reflecting the Australian Public Sectors’ (APS) increasing investment in preparing staff for a rapidly advancing workplace that can deliver on its promises.

Hosted at Canberra Old Parliament House, the Ceremony was presided by QUT Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Margaret Sheil AO, with a keynote presentation by the Australian Public Service Commissioner, Peter Woolcott AO.

Mr Woolcott delivered an inspiring speech, reinforcing the importance of developing a workforce that is adaptable, can deliver and is “fit for the future”.

Peter Woolcott addressing the Canberra Graduates.

“Put simply, our job is to help Government effectively and efficiently meet the hopes and aspirations of the Australian people… trust from the people stems a lot from the Government’s ability to deliver on its promises which is about implementation”
– Peter Woolcott

The APS is currently developing a Workforce Strategy, focused on the core elements of leadership, capability and culture. QUT’s graduation numbers were indicative of this, with almost all fifty-five graduands working in the Public Service.

QUT’s executive education programs are designed to equip leaders with the skills necessary to navigate the disruptions of the new national and global business environment, and an increasingly “more mobile, permeable and networked public service,” as reaffirmed by Mr Woolcott.

“The nature of work is changing across every workplace with rapid advances in computer power and data growth, advances in artificial intelligence, digitalisation and automation.” In recognising this change, the APS is looking at structure, culture and capabilities to re-orient and maintain the confidence of Government and the Australian people. A key component of this self-review is the development of employees to leverage different skills, knowledge, experiences and networks.

Canberra Graduates, 2019.

Canberra’s graduates included twenty-one students from Commonwealth and Territory Government agencies who had completed the Graduate Certificate in Business (Public Sector Management), QUT’s specialist program designed specifically for managers in the Australian public service.

The program has a twenty-eight year record of success, with a relevant curriculum that meets the changing needs of the public sector and non-government organisations.

The remaining students graduated across the Graduate Certificate in Business (Strategic Management in Government), and the Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA).

The EMBA cohort included students from Defence, non-government as well as the private sector.

It also included the first graduate cohorts from new custom designed programs with the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, and the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.

Several reforms are currently underway in the Australian Public Sector to modernise the public service to drive change now and into the immediate future.

“Change is coming. It is being driven by technological advances; societal and geopolitical transition; the high expectations of the public; and the nature of work. This makes reform and modernisation fundamental if we are to effectively carry out our work.”, said Mr Woolcott.

For more information about QUTeX, please visit www.qut.edu.edu/qutex.


Dr Evelyne Meier is an experienced company director, who completed her PhD in Public Policy at the University of Queensland in banking and monetary policies. She is the president of REBUS Theatre & Workplace Training for Social Change in Canberra. Dr Meier also has many years’ experience working in the Queensland public sector at executive level. Prior to that she worked in Paris and Basel in international banking after obtaining her Master’s degree in Law and Diplomacy at the Fletcher school, Tufts University in Massachusetts. She initially qualified as a registered nurse. She is now a part of the QUT Graduate School of Business in the capacity of government partnership manager and leads the national delivery of the Public Sector Management Program.

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