EMBA 2019 Cohort Mixes it up

EMBA Brisbane Cohort 19

The fast-paced, “disrupted” modern world doesn’t need better spreadsheet analysts, it needs highly proficient leaders capable of crafting a sustainable, productive and more decent society.

The aim of the QUT Executive MBA is to develop leaders and decision-makers able to operate in VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) environments. 

Put simply, the QUT Executive MBA doesn’t just teach leadership, it has been engineered to deliver a comprehensive suite of integrated learning experiences designed to transform an individual’s leadership and decision-making capabilities.

Historically MBA programs are “broad-spectrum” degrees geared towards building business acumen, tending to focus on teaching leadership and treating it like any other unit of study.

The QUT EMBA program management team have worked to evolve this early model towards a comprehensive, integrated, holistic and personalised approach to the development of each’s student’s leadership capability, significantly enhancing their confidence and capability to lead inside their respective organisations or communities.

National recognition 

In 2017 the QUT Executive MBA (EMBA) program was recognised as Australia’s highest ranked EMBA by the Australian Financial Review (AFR) BOSS magazine rankings. With over 55% of the AFR BOSS ranking derived from alumni responses, the ranking is considered to be a strong validation of the program’s transformational impact on its participants.

Importantly, the curriculum provides participants with individualised consideration via qualified leadership coaches and mentoring provided by an executive advisor for the life of their degree. Therefore, the program is unique in its demonstrable commitment to the development of leadership capability through a number of innovative and complementary mechanisms, both in terms of curriculum design and via cohort activities, events and individualised approaches to leadership development.

QUT EMBA is Australia’s best according to AFR Boss.


Cohort diversity 
The QUT EMBA 2019 cohort is diverse, with an average age of 45, and an approximate gender split of 60% male, 40% female. It is reflective of a wide range of industries and professions including non-profit organisations, government agencies, entrepreneurs and sole traders, heavy industry and infrastructure providers, health and education.

In response to increasingly complex environments, defined in recent times by the notion of “digital disruption,” robotics, automation and institutional failure there is an overwhelming recognition for the need for more effective leadership capability within our senior executives. The QUT EMBA has deliberately and consciously committed to delivering a program dedicated to the genuine leadership development of our participants into highly confident and proficient leaders.

This is done through a comprehensive and integrated program of activities that reflect both formal and informal learning, and that is structured to help participants build and develop over time. As a result, the attention paid to the complete EMBA experience, rather than on siloed discipline content, ensures the opportunity for substantial and fundamental change to occur for each of our participants, regardless of sector or industry.

“I am writing to let you know how impressed I was at the quality of the analysis and presentation of the Red Team Challenge. ”
Kevin Smith, Industry Partner – Pilatus Aircraft, 2018

Breadth of impact 
Despite being a program with relatively small enrolment numbers, the impact of the QUT EMBA is disproportionally large, in part due to the influential roles that our alumni play in leading and shaping our communities. The realisation of impact happens at multiple levels: i) during the program at an individual level with demonstrated levels of transformational change, ii) at an organisational level as our students positively interact with and enhance the operations of our industry partners and their own organisations, and iii) more broadly at a sectoral level as some enact fundamental change in health, agriculture, defence and the non-profit sector.

Even during the Executive MBA program-specific curriculum, elements ensure that the cohort has the opportunity to positively impact the work of our industry partners and to solve the challenges put forward. The design of the program to allow a high degree of personalisation enables students to identify the skills and attributes relevant to their context and professional community.

“I stand by the fact that the QUT EMBA has been of significant benefit to me personally and one of the best career decisions I have made.”
David Zroff, GM Operations 2018

The QUT EMBA is offered in Brisbane and Canberra. For more information about the MBA or EMBA programs at QUT go to https://www.qut.edu.au/courses/executive-master-of-business-administration or contact me direct on 07 3138 7731.



Tim Burton is the MBA Program Manager, Graduate School of Business. Tim has exceptional leadership skills with 20 year’s experience in leading and managing teams, recruiting, coaching, and mentoring. He has a strong commitment to people development working within the recruitment, hospitality and higher education sectors.

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