2019 PSMP Diversity Scholarship Winners

2019 PSMP Scholarship winners

The Public Sector Management Program (PSMP) is designed in collaboration with the governments of Australia to meet the needs of the contemporary public sector. The Australian Public Service Commission has appointed QUT to deliver the Public Sector Management Program nationally. The program continues to make a significant impact on the Commonwealth, State and Local governments with a 25-year track record of success. The PSMP provides aspiring public sector leaders with knowledge and skills to successfully manage the business of government, and position themselves for future leadership opportunities. Read more

QUT ExecInsights – Rob Setter on the Future of Public Purpose Work

Rob Setter on the Future of Public Purpose Work

Rob Setter

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Kate speaks to Rob Setter Chief Executive of the Queensland Public Service Commission on how our approaches to delivering for our communities are evolving. The Future of Public Purpose Work is IPAA Qld theme for 2019.

QUTeX is delighted to have a strategic alliance with IPAA QLD to provide IPAA Members with a variety of capability and learning opportunities.

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