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Learning is a very powerful tool – but don’t just take our word for it!

Peter Carne Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Public Trustee of Queensland talks about his experience of working with QUTeX.
Peter Carne Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Public Trustee of Queensland talks about his experience of working with QUTeX.

I recently caught up with Peter Carne, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Public Trustee of Queensland. In this role, he oversees more than 600 staff across 15 regional offices.  One of the things I quickly realised, is that, despite holding such an important position, Peter is a particularly friendly and approachable person, who is passionate about what he does, and is inspirational in his approach to personal growth, as well as organisational growth.

Peter has partnered with QUT not only as an individual but also on an organisational level.

His personal learning journey includes completion of the Leadership through Coaching and Mentoring (LCAM) program and he is a current student in the Executive Masters of Business Administration (EMBA).

But why would someone, already at what many would consider to be the top of their profession, invest so much of their time and energy to further education?

In Peter’s own words “Learning is a very powerful tool”.

He recognises that in business today, you need not only the latest knowledge and skills but also the ability to transfer that knowledge into your current business practices in the real world.

Peter’s level of commitment to learning also extends to his team.

The Public Trustee currently have a customised Leadership Management Development Program (LMDP) for employees, developed in consultation with, and delivered by, QUT. The key learnings and workplace projects developed by the participants had to be relevant in today’s world, and align with Public Trustee strategy and Public Service requirements.

The first two cohorts have already completed their LMDP, and cohort three is about to commence.

The impact of this program upon the Public Trustee has been to develop the skills of the existing leaders and managers, along with the ability, and agility, to meet the challenges they face every day.

Peter has put processes in place to empower his team.
Peter has put processes in place to empower his team.

Peter is also passionate about the importance of coaching and has also engaged QUT for coaching for his executive team. This has helped embed the continuous learning and coaching environment across the whole organisation, empowering his team and developing improved communication and recognising the power of individual perspectives.

Personally, he has been impressed by the achievements of the individuals involved and felt a great deal of satisfaction about how that has transferred into work of the Public Trustee.

Organisationally, Peter has seen the Public Trustee become a much stronger organisation because of the empowerment and confidence of the current and future leaders.

See what Peter has to say about his experience with partnering with QUT.









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Brett comes to QUT with a wealth of experience in the public and private sectors. He has led large agencies in Health, Natural Resources and Mining, as well as holding senior roles in the consulting industry. Early in his career he managed manufacturing businesses and held roles in environmental science management. Brett received his undergraduate degree from the University of Southern Queensland, majoring in Accounting. He added to this with a Masters in Administration (focused on Change Management), and a PhD focused on competition policy frameworks in national and provincial governments. As a Professor of Practice with QUT, Brett coordinates and contributes to many of the leadership subjects in the Graduate School of Business, including the Business Leadership Practicum and Personal Leadership and Change in the EMBA and MBA programs. He also facilitates leadership development and coaching activities with corporate clients including several large businesses in the retail and manufacturing industries, as well as large public sector agencies, particularly those with commercial or “self-funded” operations. Brett is also a Chief Investigator for QUT’s Centre of METS Business Innovation (CMBI) and contributes to research there. In addition, Brett is often sought after to review research in the fields of mining and resources generally, as well as engage with corporate leaders in this area, particularly on the topics of government regulation and leadership development. He is also very interested in progressing institutional strengthening activities in developing countries, and is currently supporting research into aged care and disability support services in Vietnam. Brett loves sport and devotes much of his “free time” to coaching (largely Rugby League and Cricket), as well as supporting the development of sporting expertise, particularly in back office functions and high performance systems (a major focus of his early consulting career).

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