2019 QUT Leadership Coaching Conference: Crossing Boundaries

Crossing Boundaries, Leadership Coaching Conference

One thing is certain – today’s leaders face the reality of a ‘VUCA’ world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. In times of rapid change, the temptation is to pull back.

In November 2019, QUT is hosting a Leadership Coaching Conference: Crossing Boundaries.

This conference explores how to step forward and engage with change by navigating boundaries and generating creative tension through conversation, connection, and collaboration.

Boundaries can be in many forms – psychological, systemic, cultural, disciplinary, geographical, industry and so on. A ‘real world’ boundary of interest to QUT in hosting the conference is the research-practitioner divide. Another includes how great practices from the arts and sport can be incorporated into the business world. 

Leadership coaching describes an adaptive leadership approach that challenges the rigidity of boundaries and is fuelled by curiosity and inquiry. It generates energy through great conversations within and between organisations. Leadership coaching embraces dialogue about meaning, purpose, and ethics. This is the space of our conference.

Please join us for the inaugural Leadership Coaching Conference: Crossing Boundaries. The Conference will both explore and model leadership coaching with highly interactive sessions embracing a range of themes – The mind and neuroscience; technological disruption, organizational systems, cultures and values, women in leadership, global and diverse perspectives and groups and teams, which act as boundaries to shape contributions, and in the spirit of the broader conference theme, we challenge you to cross them!

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There are opportunities for presenters and sponsors, and you can sign up to receive conference updates as they occur.

Details with regards to date, guest speakers, and registrations will be updated on our webpagehttps://leadershipcoachingconference2019.com/

Contact me if you have any questions: Fran Finn email: f.finn@qut.edu.au

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    Fran, please add me to the group receiving conference updates

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      Dr Fran Finn

      Thank you for your interest Leeanne. I’ve added you to the group.

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