Reimagining the business of health

The “Reimagining the Business of Health”  seminar held at the QUT Executive Education Centre, Gardens Point campus, on Wednesday 7th November 2018 was a great success.

The seminar, offered by QUT Faculty of Health and sponsored by QUTeX involved a unique blend of theatre and health economics.

It brought together a diverse range of health care professionals to engage with a prophetical (an original form of storytelling) set around ‘Unhealthy Business’ presented by Professor Paul Makeham and Dr Georgia Seffrin. This set the scene for Health Economist, Professor Nick Graves, to add insight and to challenge us to consider such issues as resource allocation decisions and how incentives can act against the provision of equitable, efficient and effective care.

Seminar presenters (left to right), Health Economist, Prof Nick Graves, Dr Georgia Seffrin, Prof Mary-Louise Fleming, Prof Paul Makeham.

Guest speaker, Professor Nick Graves challenged the audience to consider the context in which resource allocation decisions were made in health care, asked us to identify what the crises was, and where there were challenges to the health care system, particularly in terms of an allocation crisis. He discussed the perverse incentives and motivation for groups such as private enterprises providing health care, health bureaucrats, doctors, and politicians.

A lively questions time completed the seminar with many attendees acknowledging the multitude of issues to be considered in the complex provision of health care in Australia.  info to come from MLF.

About Professor Nick Graves
Nick is an internationally renowned health economist and has been the Academic Director of AusHSI since its inception in 2011.

Nick’s specialist areas of knowledge include health economics; health services research; decision making; cost-effectiveness; prevalence of high-value and low-value care and its effects on patients; healthcare-associated infection; health behaviour change interventions; screening for infectious and chronic disease; and how research funding is allocated. Nick’s major focus is on showing how health services can be improved at low cost, or even improved with cost savings.

The seminar was offered by QUT Faculty of Health and sponsored by QUTeX.

About QUTeX
QUTeX (a new and exciting initiative for QUT) plays a key role in connecting business leaders with the multitude of capabilities that we, as a leading University, having access to, be it business, research, creative thinking, leadership or beyond.

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