Rotary Down Under and the QUT MBA Ideas Factory

One of the key takeaways from the MBA program is how you reshape your career. But what happens after you finish your studies? How do you keep the excitement and energy of your learning experience alive?

QUT Ideas Factory sessions are designed to provide Executive MBA and MBA alumni and Associates the opportunity to leverage their experience, insight and collective efforts to solve real-world problems in a familiar and stimulating, but challenging MBA like context. The sessions are half-day intensives bringing together alumni, students and industry professionals with the support of experienced QUT facilitators.

At the recent Ideas Factory, QUT partnered with the Rotary Club of Brisbane to help address the challenge of “how to promote community engagement among Brisbane CBD professionals.” The insights gained helped the club progress their vision for the path forward, and the subsequent engagement of an MBA associate as part of their Integrated Workplace Project delivered a strategy to grow and revitalize their club for the future.

See the full story in the September 2018 edition of the Rotary Down Under magazine here.

The integration of a Workplace Project is a capstone feature of the MBA program as well as all other programs within the Graduate School. Grounded in real-world contexts, the Integrated Workplace Project provides associates with an opportunity to extend and apply their skills and the learning from the program to create actual value and impact in a way that is aligned with their personal and professional aspirations. The associated sponsoring organisation gets the opportunity to leverage the student’s professional experience as well as benefit from the application of the latest contemporary management theory and practice gained from their program at QUT. 

If you would like to know more about how a workplace project engagement might add-value to your organisation, please contact me on 07 3138 6570.

“Ideas Factory” sessions are held at QUT Gardens Point campus throughout the year. Past sessions have included:

  • Substation33: Becoming a financially sustainable social enterprise
  • Queensland Urban Utilities: Disruptive Horizons
  • The Edge, State Library of Queensland and QUT Creative Industries: Environmental Sustainability

Contact Mr Tim Burton on 07 3138 7731 if you have an idea or project that would benefit from engagement with an Ideas Factory.


Associate Professor John Bensley is the Canberra Director of QUT Graduate School of Business and QUTeX. He has expertise in systems thinking, the management of innovation, product management and analytical psychology. John works with other University academics, Graduate School staff and industry professionals, to design, develop and deliver transdisciplinary education programs that meet the specific requirements of post-graduate students as well as a range of corporate and government clients. With more than 30 years management, marketing and operational experience from the mining and telecommunication industries his passion is understanding the determining effect of the human equation within organisations and helping people sense-make in complex environments.

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