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An amazing journey

Vanessa McCormack, Emerging Leaders Program participant.

It is with great pleasure that I share this story with you. A story shared with me from one of our top performing students, Vanessa McCormack. Vanessa was awarded the Women in Leadership Excellence Scholarship in 2014 and has gone on to complete the Graduate Certificate in Business in 2017.  


An Amazing Journey – My QUT GSB experience…

What an amazing journey – that’s my first thought when I reflect on my QUT experience of the last three (3) years.

Early 2014, I was awarded the QUT Graduate School of Business (GSB) Women in Leadership Excellence Scholarship.  The scholarship provided full tuition to undertake a Graduate Certificate in Business and complete the Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) for Queensland public sector employees. In addition, I was provided with three (3) Executive Coaching sessions with a GSB Executive Coach.  I’d like to thank Andrea Corcoran for being my coach, and for sharing this journey with me.

The QUT GSB and Fostering Executive Women (FEW) Alumni have offered me so much more than a post graduate qualification.  I have grown as an individual, challenged myself with new concepts and ideas, and be able to integrate and apply my learnings to enrich my career. During the last two years, I have also been fortunate to attend FEW events and the annual QUT GSB Women on the Move workshops.  One of the highlights was attending the FEW Executive Conversation with guest speaker Dame Quentin Bryce. It was wonderful to be in the room as she told her story, her childhood and upbringing in a small country town, her early influences and ability to stay grounded.

An added benefit of the ELP has been sharing the learning experience with many of my public sector peers and working on actual work projects. This is something that QUT does exceptionally well – university education integrated with real work challenges, with the benefits of both being far greater than their sum.

The QUT GSB faculty staff are exceptional, always available and encouraging with no pretentions. I’d especially like to thank Bob O’Connor, Vicky Browning, Caroline Hatcher, Kelly Lorentz, Alexandra Buckland, Kerrie Muir, Glenda Markwell, Leanne Austin, and Katie Bickerton. I’ve also had the opportunity to complete the Graduate Certificate alongside scholarship recipient, Rebecca Martin, who I now regard as a good friend.

Thank you to my family, friends, and my managers at both the State Library of Queensland and the Public Safety Business Agency, who have supported me so that I could complete this qualification.  My parents have done the after school pick-up run for me more times than I could count.

Once my youngest daughter finishes primary school, I’ll continue my studies – maybe the EMBA or MBA with the QUT GSB of course.

Vanessa McCormack
July 2017


Did you know…

Participating in the ELP program can give you credit into our MBA and Masters of Business programs.  This short video gives an overview about the ELP.

If you would like more information please contact me directly:
email: k2muir@qut.edu.au
phone: 07 3138 9790


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