A Very British Christmas and NYE


In the weeks leading up to the designated Christmas break there wasn’t too much for me to do study wise so I spent a lot of the time in the house or at the pub keeping warm and dry. It was early December and the Christmas spirit was definitely around Swansea, with a lot of decorations throughout the town and the university. Students were buzzing with the idea of heading home to see their families for three weeks. Before the housemates broke up for Christmas we decided to have a pub crawl dressed in Christmas jumpers. We kicked off at midday and started at the local carvery to line the stomachs with a tradtional British pub feed.


At the carvery with House 35

From that we continued on to a variety of local pubs stopping for a couple of pints at each. After 6 solid hours of drinking we had made it half way to Wind St. and decided to call it a day and head back to the house for more drinking games!

the house

The Squad


Christmas isn’t a huge deal for my family back home but the small amount of homesickness set in once people in the house and village left to go home. The village turned into a ghost town like it was in the first day. Adding to this the weather was pretty miserable, single digit degree days along with the constant drizzle really dampened the morale. Luckily enough for me my friend offered to have me at her family’s house over the Christmas period. I spent a couple more nights around London experiencing some of the famous London Christmas things. After that it was to the area of south east England known as Kent which was about 30mins by train. This was truly the English countryside with green hills for as long as the eyes could see. Trips to Knole Park and Canterbury truly highlighted the beauty of the smaller English areas and definitely had the Christmas spirit about it.


An ancient burial site in Kent


Knole Park


Feeding the wildlife in Knole Park


Canterbury Cathedral

PART I: Starting Life in Swansea
PART II: Life in Swanse

PART III: During Semester in Swansea
PART IV: A Very British Christmas & NYE

During Semester in Swansea


Throughout the semester Swansea University offered a variety of day trips aimed towards international and exchange students to help experience the British culture. On top of that there are the many sport teams, clubs and societies that provide plenty to do during the week and on the weekend. Along with the university based trips I went on there was weekends away to other areas of the UK and Ireland that were both cheap and didn’t impact much on my studies. Not only that there were trivia nights at the Wonky Sheep (The Student Village’s pub), Halloween, Wind St. Wednesdays.

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Life In Swansea


When I first got to Swansea I was getting around in shorts with an occasional jumper at night. Before getting to Swansea everyone kept telling me to bring two things, a coat and an umbrella… My first couple of weeks these two ‘essentials’ were gathering dust in my room so I was under the impression that everyone was just pulling my leg. All the locals kept reminding me that this is abnormally warm and dry for this time of year. The nights felt like a warm winter’s evening so it wasn’t a shock by any stretch. Swansea is one of the UK’s wettest places and I soon found out although it was raining often it was never to the extent of a Queensland afternoon thunderstorm despite the claims of ‘heavy rain’. Read more

Starting Life in Swansea


I had been travelling around Europe (England, Spain, Portgual & Turkey) for a month prior to arriving at Swansea University in September 2014. I arrived a day early and thankfully my room at my student village accomdation was open and my housemate was able to let me in and after the 3 hour train ride from London I was able to start unpacking my stuff and settle in for the next 4 months.

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