Sense of belonging

I chose to study at Bishop’s University in Canada because I felt like it would give me an experience I otherwise wouldn’t have access to in Brisbane. Bishop’s is situated in a small town about two hours east of Montreal in an area that speaks mainly French. I’d never been to Canada, I hadn’t lived in a small town, I didn’t speak French, and I commuted to university; different was what I wanted and I was definitely successful!

McKayla - Bishop's University, Canada (1)

I was nervous about joining the university in their second semester because I’m a shy person and I wasn’t sure how well I’d make friends. Fortunately, the students and staff members that I encountered at Bishop’s were enthusiastic about meeting new people and making them feel welcome in the community. Not even 24 hours after arriving at the university, I had a large group of people that were eager to eat dinner with me and ask questions about where I was from. As an exchange student, this sense of belonging was by far the best thing about Bishop’s.

The town itself is friendly and compact and provides a great backdrop to student life at Bishop’s. Lennoxville offers an Irish-style pub that serves a mean steak and fries, a grocery store for when you just aren’t feeling the dining hall food, and most importantly a Tim Horton’s. The university campus is breathtaking and has two football fields, two theatres, a dining hall, a student bar/events room, a recently-renovated sports complex including a free gym, and of course, another Tim Horton’s.

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