The accommodation I had was located in a great part of Glasgow about fifteen minute walk from the campus.  The building itself was a four floor tenement with a fantastic view over the city.  Facilities included a bathroom, toilet, well-equipped kitchen and laundry.  The room sizes depended on which room you decided to pay for but most were adequately sized.

I didn’t really have a solid plan for saving.  In total I went with about $8000, but didn’t have to pay for flights so this amount was more than enough.  I spent around £60 a week on food and drink (including alcohol) but this will come to more or less depending on how much you like eating out.  A good quality meal can be found in most places for between £15 and £20.  Accommodation came to about £120 a week.

Most weeks I tried to stick to about £140 a week (not including accommodation) for everything but this will increase depending on how much you want to go out on weekends and how much travel you would like to do.  Keep in mind the university will have you pay the total of your accommodation amount by a month into the semester so you WILL NEED this money available.

View from the window of my kitchen on a really, really foggy morning!

View from the window of my kitchen on a really, really foggy morning!


The cost of living in general is cheaper than Brisbane but the exchange rate was a huge killer.   Groceries for example will come to less a week than in Australia but because the amount is paid in GBP it ends up being roughly equal or a little more than the same amount of groceries would cost in Brisbane.

If you are planning to set up a bank account when you get there, forget it.  Most banks I tried told me I could only set up an account with them if my visa was for 12 months, but the student visitor visa only lasts 6 months.  As I didn’t expect this I just ended up withdrawing my budgeted amount once a fortnight from an ATM.  This isn’t recommended though as it will end up costing you around $400 in fees.  Try and set up a traveler’s card (or something similar) with your bank at home before going over.

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