An international degree at Copenhagen Business School

Copenhagen Business School is known for its business programs. I studied International Business Strategy, Business Strategy and Leadership Communication. I studied International Business Strategy, Business Strategy and Leadership Communication. Luckily for me all of my classes at CBS were taught in English, as they were subjects aimed for international students. Therefore most of the students in my class were international students and all lectures/tutorials were taught in English. Danes are extremely proficient in speaking English. Everyone in Copenhagen was able to speak English and most cafes/restaurants had an English menu available or someone that would happily translate. Therefore my experience was really easy as Danish people are very willing to speak English.

The academic intensity was definitely lower than QUT. There is only one assessment item due per subject and this can be in various forms. I had one four-hour closed book computer exam, one open book four hour computer exam and two 72 hour take home exams. The computer exams were quite intense as you have to sit in front of a computer for 4 hours in exam conditions and its quite stressful. The 72 hour exams were not too bad you are given an assignment and you have to complete it during that time frame. The great thing about CBS is they give you 3 attempts to pass the exam making is pretty unlikely that you can fail a subject.

Copenhagen “Assistens” Cemetery in winter

Copenhagen “Assistens” Cemetery in winter


I HIGHLY recommend going on exchange. It truly is a life changing opportunity, and a once in a lifetime chance. It is something that I would recommend to any student. It gives you a chance to study overseas whilst getting credit towards your university degree. I now have friends from all over the world and memories that are irreplaceable. It does take a lot of work to organise, so be prepared but it is more than worth it. Do not hesitate, just do it!


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