Incredible facilities at CBS

Copenhagen Business School had great lecture auditoriums. The main library was the best I have ever seen. It was so quiet and easy to study and this is partly due to the CBS system. You actually have to book a seat in the library in order to study there. Therefore, everyone that is in the library is very serious about studying and there is virtually no noise. There are computer rooms in all of the campuses. The point of difference I found that CBS had over QUT was the Student Hub services where students could go with any questions/queries about anything related to study/student life. The four different campuses gave the university a whole new dimension and I loved the cafeterias that were on campus. There was also a really great university bar where there were all sorts of events hosted.

Rosenborg Park

Rosenborg Park

The main strength of CBS is definitely the support systems in place for students. There is always someone who can help with any problems and being an exchange student it was so amazing having someone that was always willing to help/assist with any questions especially in the initial stages of exchange. I loved that the campuses were in the middle of the city and it was so easy getting around between the buildings. Therefore a big strength is definitely the location/layout of the university. It is so credible. CBS is highly regarded as one of the best business universities in Denmark. I also had very knowledgeable tutors and lecturers and learned a lot whilst on exchange academically.

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