Say ‘yes’ to everything about Scotland

One of my favorite view at Scotland

One of my favorite view at Scotland

Before I left, I was concerned I wouldn’t understand anyone’s accents! And listening to Ewan McGregor wasn’t enough preparation! At first I felt like I was really rude not understanding anyone but after a few days it kicked in, and if anything I have now come home saying new slang words that my friends don’t understand and saying Aye and Wee before just about everything! I cannot find the words to say how much I truly loved my time in Scotland. It is a county full of history and culture, the people are just amazing and I have made some unforgettable friends from all over the country.

The Study Abroad program has given me an opportunity to develop my skills in Journalism and expand my knowledge of world news and stories. I have never had so much fun and never felt so confident and excited about my chosen career path. Suddenly I am more aware of the world around me, I was able to travel, meet amazing people and see some incredible places! I would encourage any students embarking on their overseas exchange to say yes to everything, really open up and put yourself out there, be willing to try haggis and Black Pudding despite the ingredients, get involved with everything the university has to offer and over all experience everything you possibly can.

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