Strathclyde: a university on a hill?

The two Canadian girls I met

The two Canadian girls I met

I left for my exchange in the middle of August 2012. I had chosen to attend the University of Strathclyde so that I could experience something a little bit different. Truth be told, I had never considered living in Scotland, sure I wanted to visit but living there was a whole new concept to me, if anything my real inspiration to go to Scotland was thanks to Ewan McGregor and the cute Highland Cows. When I applied and was accepted I was suddenly hit by this fear thinking why had I chosen a city so far out from anywhere I had ever heard of! I was nervous and excited when I left Australia. When I got to Glasgow, it was cold and grey even during summer, just what I had expected!

The University was spread out over a massive hill, and I had no clue where all of the classes were! But I entered The Union and met a girl who gave me all the information I needed and told me about Freshers Week, I assumed this would be similar to O Week at home, I was wrong! Freshers was a week filled with parties and shenanigans! Dress Up Parties, Club Sign Up, Djs, Performances, Fairs! I decided to get involved in every social element of the week and surely enough met some of the other Exchange Students. I made friends with some incredible girls in this week. The two Canadian Glaslowgirls I met ended up being two of my closest friends. I signed up for Surfing, Snowboarding and Football, all sports I had never been involved in when at QUT. This allowed me to get involved with completely different social groups and meet so many amazing people!

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