Chilli (and the best trains in the world) in Singapore


The Singapore Spirit

The Singapore Spirit

The general

In no particular order: Chilli is the norm with almost every dish, and, most bread is processed with large amounts of sugar. Regarding road safety: motorists will almost run over your toes and your heels when you cross the road on a green pedestrian light -they don’t wait, so watch out. Cover up for mosquitos – I unfortunately contracted dengue fever when I was in Singapore. The tap water is safe to drink in Singapore. SMU students must complete compulsory community service as part of their degree, and also an internship (although these don’t apply to exchange students).


The train systems are probably up there as the best in the world. Very frequent and very cheap (by Brisbane standards) and can get you reasonably close to many places on the island. Taxis are also comparatively cheap at around $10-15 for a 15 minute trip (which will get you most places). The buses will get you really close to where you want to go, but it may take you 30 minutes longer to get there given waiting times.

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