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So I’ve officially been on exchange for just over two weeks in London! So far I have loved everything about this city! From the transport (amazing compared to Brisbane) to the fashion and shopping, it’s going to be very hard to come home in January. However, just for now I’ll do a quick recap of some exciting things that have happened in the past week!

I’d like to start off with something pretty monumental that happened to occur last Monday. I’m just going to come right out and say it…. I MET HUGH JACKMAN AND JAKE GYLLENHAAL! Yes, you read that correctly! I still can’t believe it myself! Probably made my whole year if I’m completely honest. We happened to be meeting a friend in the Apple store on Regents Street so we wandered inside and up the stairs to see a large group of people listening to a panel. Now being a bit blonde (crunchy they like to call me  – brown on the outside, blonde on the in – you get the point) I thought it was a few guest speakers from Apple talking about the new iphone 5S (or C..I’m not sure why they haven’t just followed the alphabet). Anyways, I stretched up on my tiptoes to see who it was (I’m short.. #firstworldproblems) and nearly died! I happened to see some very stylish gelled back hair that belonged to Mr Jake Gyllenhaal. After hitting Ella in the stomach in excitement (sorry again) we also saw Hugh Jackman! He is the most down to earth and the nicest guy you will EVER meet! We tried to call out to him to tell him we were Aussie but unfortunately due to my shaking and sheer amount of being star struck I don’t think he quite heard…BUT HE SMILED AT ME!! *SWOON*. Overall it was the most amazing, spontaneous and “this is a sign/fate” moment I have ever had! Cast your eyes below now to see their amazing faces.

Oh and the face that girl is pulling..I was doing the exact same!

I also started my uni classes the past week. I’ve found the structure and course is pretty similar to back home. Hopefully the semester won’t be too hard! The university is amazing though, there are so many students from so many backgrounds and nationalities. To prove my point, I was in a class called ‘Cross cultural studies for marketing’ last week. We were working in groups where I happened to have a girl who was Egyptian/French, a girl who was African/Spanish, another girl who was from Iraq and a guy who was British but also had American citizenship! Absolutely blew my mind! Australia has always been said to be very multicultural, but nothing to this extent! This, and the fact that I literally go 8 floors down in an elevator to get into the building is pretty amazing!

I’ve also been lucky enough to go to a few markets. Brick Lane on a Sunday morning is amazing! It’s this quaint little side street in Shoreditch that sells amazing street food and vintage clothing! You can pretty much find any national dish of your choice or any piece of clothing from any decade!

Portobello markets are another whole story! Again it’s this beautiful cobbled street that sells fresh produce, antiques and amazing food! I bought this amazing little winter hat and drool worth food – a caramel cupcake with more icing than actual cake and a chocolate brownie!

I think my face says it all!!

Hmmm so other great thinks to happen in the past week? Oh the British Museum! I apologise to the Louvre but you have nothing on the Brits in regard to the Egyptian artifacts exhibit. I think my mouth hung open for the majority of the time it took me to walk around everywhere.

So as well as all the touristy-y things I’ve  been doing, I’ve also seen London after dark (wink wink – kidding)! Its amazing that a) the tubes don’t stop running until 12pm on a weekday and 1pm on Fridays and weekends and b) that it’s still really busy on said transport and places like Oxford Street! I’m used to everything being closed by 5/6pm but seeing that many people still using the tubes/buses and shopping at Primark (Australia YOU NEED THIS SHOP) until 8pm on a weekday is insane! The only downside to the ‘nightlife’ situation here is actually getting into places. We were on the ‘guest list’ for two exclusive places last night (sorry I can’t disclose how) yet couldn’t actually get in. It seems like they have guest lists just for the sake of it, yet make a majority of the people stand outside and wait for absolutely nothing. The only way we were going to get into this place off Regents street was if I was suddenly famous (it’s going to happen just you wait) or I was another meter tall and walked the cat-walks of Paris and Milan! OR I rocked up in a Ferrari/Lamborghini (eh what do I feel like driving today?) Yes, that seriously happened last night. Those type of cars pulling up outside these clubs! Anyways not all places are like that and we’ve found some pretty amazing places to go in Soho and off Oxford Street! Hey, any excuse to get dressed up right?

Kathryn – dressed in River Island and Zara…shoes by top shop! ;)

Anyways that’s it for now! Thanks for reading! Updates coming to a screen near you soon!

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    Jessica Cook

    I imagine it would’ve been hard being away from home. How’d you go? I only quickly read through your post but….


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