Australia vs England – Week 1 – Language Lesson, Jolly Good!!

Hello Peeps!!

If you’ve ever watched a bit of British television and tried to mock their “love, grab me a cuppa would you eh?” you’ll know what I mean when i say the British accent is awesome. But then again, “No one asked your opinion, you filthy little mudblood!” (admit it, you said that in your head with a British accent).

I love that fact that my accent (what accent?) seems “adorable” and people are always asking me to say things like “bear” and “g’day mate”. I have at least one person a day say to me “oh my gosh, are you Australian? You’ve got to be joking, say something to me!”.

The only set back is that when an English person is from Essex (need i say more?) or rural Britain, their accent is so strong i can’t understand a thing they’re saying!!! So here’s a crash language lesson for those of us who are a bit retarded understanding the British accent.

Pants – In England, your pants are literally your underwear/ boxes, not your outer wear. I made this mistake when i said to my flat “i’m just going to change my pants, I got crap on them”  O__O

Trousers – Sounds like something an old man would wear but the British use trousers to describe their Jeans.

Fit – I wondered for sometime as to how the boys knew that all these girls we’re going to the gym…”She’s fit, she’s so fit”. Fit means attractive/ good looking, not that you can run a marathon.

Thongs – You surly know this one. Yet again, foot in mouth disease (pun intended) when i ran onto a train, losing my footwear and saying “shit, i lost my thong”. Simplified, our thongs are their flip flops and their thong is our g-string.

Football – This one has almost gotten me beaten up! The English get really offended when we call their national sport “Soccer”. This has led to many confusing conversations with me then trying to explain how we call AFL, NRL and Union all “Football”.

If you’ve got a funny British comment/ word post it below otherwise “I’m going to bed, before either of you come up with another clever idea to get us killed. Or worse, expelled”.

Sincerely, Codie of Leeds 😉

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    haha omg I love the Harry Potter references! 🙂
    In your opinion what is the best housing/ accommodation at leeds – Self-catered?

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      I personally think that self-catered is awesome. Only because this means you can eat whatever you want, when you feel you want it (everyone knows i love my food!). It also means you can bargain buy and get food a lot cheaper. In saying that you do then have to put the effort into actually cooking the food but it can be a nice communal thing to do with your flat mates. If you have any other q’s about living in Leeds i’d be more than happy to help, it’s an amazing place!! I have an alternate blog outside of this one, follow me at:

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