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Well Hi there! This is the first of many entries I intend to create whilst on exchange. I haven’t left home yet as my exchange doesn’t start until September (the three month break has been fantastic). While I wait I’ve been working as much as I can in order to fund my trip! Something I knew but severely underestimated was how expensive London is! It seems every week there is something else I have to buy in order to take over or ensure is in my possession! Anyways, I’ll leave it there for now! Hopefully next entry I’ll be in London with more exciting news to share!


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    Hey Kathryn! I just returned from London and I totally agree. It’s definitely hard especially as a student. If you’re interested shoot me through a email and I can tell you a couple of tips and ways i saved and made some extra bucks which really did make living away from home more comfortable!

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    on Twitter). Your journey from Ljubljana snduos more colorful in many ways than ours I mentioned on your Lake Bled post that we went from Ljub to Zagreb by car, so we didn’t meet the fascinating locals that you did (always makes a trip more interesting) and we missed being introduced to the colorful and sensual cosmetics you described. As a female, I would have REALLY appreciated that!. During our drive we encountered a nearly universal landscape of gray, concrete block apartment structures dotting the landscape along the highway. I know the color will come over time, but our impression was that the Soviets must not have encouraged diversity/color/beauty (in the architecture of the mass dwellings anyway). It is a beautiful country, and I’m sure that with freedom of government will come freedom to express beauty in art and architecture.If you’ve not made it yet, I highly recommend a trip along the Dalmatian coast of Croatia to Dubrovnik. It is entirely walled city that juts out into the Adriatic pressed up against mountains. Marble buildings, marble streets, red tiled rooftops, stunningly beautiful buildings it’s a must see. The lore is (though I don’t know if it’s true) that Dubrovnik was considered such a jewel in Europe that both sides in WWII agreed it was off-limits to bombing. Unfortunately those engaged in the Balkan war did not have a similar agreement so it sustained a good deal of shelling (some of which is still visible), but they’ve gone to considerable effort to repair the damage.I’m going to enjoy your blog, because it feels like re-living many of my own memories, through a different lens! Thanks for sharing your experiences

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