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This post is to explain some of the specific aspects of Ljubljana and the university that anyone who is considering studying here might find useful. If anyone has any questions or wants more information about anything please feel free to comment and I will get back to you! Or if there is something in particular you would like a blog post about specifically please let me know.

If you decide to go to FELU you have a choice of either applying through the university for student accommodation in a residential dorm, or you can choose to find a private residence. If you choose to apply for a dorm you will get a response back from the university before your arrival to confirm if they are offering you a place. There are a few options for dormitories, both in type and position in the city, but you can only specify what type/where you want to be upon arrival at Ljubljana. It is very cheap to live in the dorms and a lot of students, both international and Slovenian, choose to live in the dorms. However, it is relatively easy to find your own accommodation too. There are the tutors to help you and also the student organisation here provides a service to help. A lot of room offerings get advertised on the FELU exchange facebook site and that seems to be one of the easier ways to find a room. A room in one of the dormitories is usually somewhere between 80-120 euros a month and private accommodation varies, but I would estimate around 250 euros a month. However, it is all very reasonably priced here so you can choose how you want to live according to how you want to budget.

The city is quite small in land size and it is very accessible and easy to get around. I walked everywhere I needed to go to during the first few days and got to see a lot of the city that way. However, I now use a bus card and catch buses whenever is necessary. They are reasonably regular, run quite late into the night and are a very useful way to get around the city. You can get a discounted monthly bus card, which you pay 20 euros for every month and use in a similar way to Brisbane’s Go Cards. Or it is possible to get a prepaid card like the Go Cards. Otherwise, many (and I mean MANY) people choose to cycle everywhere, which is a very easy and convenient way to get around. You can either buy a bike from a shop, from the secondhand markets or they have something similar to the public bikes in Brisbane and from what I hear it is really cheap to use them.

Slovenia has an amazing food subsidy system for students. The Residential Houses don’t provide meals, although there is a canteen/restaurant on the campus that you can buy meals at and all the residences have kitchens either shared between 2 double rooms or the whole floor. But most people end up eating a lot of meals out. When you arrive in Ljubljana one of the first things you will organize is student coupons on your sim card. You can get 20 meals a month subsidized, usually to somewhere between 2.50-5.00 euros. This includes a soup, salad, main and dessert and is available at a lot of restaurants around the city. With the Australian dollar as it is that is incredibly cheap! Ljubljana is a cheap city to live in generally and this leaves more money for travelling and other activities.

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    Hayley Taylor

    Hey Bess,
    I am looking at going to Slovenia next year on exchange, and I was wondering if I could possibly get your email to ask you a few questions? I am struggling to find course outlines for subjects that I want to enrol in. Just wondering if you could help me out at all? I hope that you are having a wonderful time!


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