Semester Two Begins

Semester two started on the 7th of January and it has pretty much been full tilt since then. This semester has slightly less coursework but any dreams of spare time are quickly eaten by work on the master project and the thesis.

Other MSc programs do a project or a thesis but, naturally, Arts and NGO have to be special and do both. The project I have already explained in a previous post but the thesis is something else entirely. It’s quite common for European universities to require students to complete a thesis in order to receive their diplomas, which sort of makes sense because a Masters by Research like we have at QUT doesn’t seem to exist here.

So what does this mean for me? It means producing a 45 page (minimum) research piece before the end of April. I am not sure how often I will be updating during this time – not that I’m a super-blogger the rest of the time – but at least you’ll know why I’m not updating. I’ll be knee-deep in journal articles, trying not to cry and trying not to think about my Masters by Coursework buddies back at QUT with their 2500 word essays.

Also, I know that Brisbane is currently suffering some horribly humid weather so this might be a little cruel, but we’ve just had a full weekend of snow so the entire area is blanketed with about five inches of powdery white snow. It looks like a beautiful Christmas card but I have already slipped twice on icy pathways so it looks like I’ll be shopping for some winter boots with better grip this weekend. In between weeping over my thesis research, of course 🙂