Exam time…

Firstly, I feel like I have to apologise for my lack activity. The last two weeks have been INSANE! This leads me on to my topic, the one which everyone has been waiting for, what the learning system is like over here.

Ok, so you have two periods in a semester and a total of four subjects (obviously two subjects per period). These are done over seven or eight weeks, depending on the subject, and two classes per subject a week. It sounds easy to focus on two subjects at a time, but the speed which you have to learn doubles and it takes a lot of self-control to keep up with the content (party, travel or study…hmmm?).

The Problem-Based Learning System is not without its benefits – for example, you know how you’re in a tutorial and you might never talk to someone or interact with the tutor? Well that definitely wouldn’t happen here. The classes during the week are all tutorials which require you to put forward your opinions and to politely criticise other student’s assumptions. For people who know me, I always have an opinion, however in this situation it is a little intimidating to open your mouth unless you have a solid argument about your position. The way I write it makes it sound horrible, but I think I have learnt more from these discussions than I have from the required readings.

Maastricht is definitely not a place for slackers, you must be diligent in your readings and have the motivation to learn. I admit, I struggled for the first few weeks to understand what is required of me but the student community is so strong and we all do our best to help each other through the tough workloads. Plus, the international office is super friendly and will go to lengths to provide support.

I have an exam in 45 minutes which I am going to completely own (confidence is key) based on consumer behaviour and statistics (which Mr Paltridge, our International Director, kindly guided me through before my departure), so I’ll need to leave it here. Until next time!


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