Ok. So like most pure Queenslanders (?) I haven’t seen a lot of snow in my life time. In fact, I’d NEVER seen snow in my lifetime. Until now. Glorious white powder of Sheen proportions that doesn’t cease too amaze! With the first fall of snow, people in Deal were leaving their houses to sled along the roads/hills and throw snowballs at each other. I for one made a snow angel. It was glorious.

Snow in Deal

I also enjoyed jumping in any snow drifts I could find, as Deal has a few places along the shoreline that normally had deep stairways, that became full of snow. Unfortunately, I only had trainers on me at the time, which were completely soaked. I’ll have to remember in future to wear boots.

Uni itself isn’t too bad. One unit in particular is giving me a lot of grief, with such an intense deadline. It hasn’t left me with a lot of time to enjoy sightseeing and such, but hopefully I’ll be up for shenanigans like that soon.

Hope all is well back in Australia.

Stay classy,


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