2nd Week

Hey all

So I thought I’d report on the latest happenings. I’ve had a few classes and it is quite a bit different from QUT. Only 1 of my classes use powerpoint and none of them are recorded so there is no podcasts/streaming. This means you really have to go to every class or you’ll miss something. Which is hard to do. Especially for economics at 9am on a Monday.

The classes are also shorter. Some lectures are just for 50 mins twice a week……why not do one 2 hour lesson?┬áThere are also no tutorials, just the 2 or 1 hour a lecture. This means its pretty much left to yourself to study/make sure your up to date on the material.

Overall, QUT seems to be pretty advanced in its use of technology and honestly I think UCD needs to catch up.

Guiness Factory with some crazy Canadians

On the social side of things Dublin is awesome. There is just so much going on every night of the week and so many trips you can take on the weekend. This is really good because on exchange you really want to meet as many people as you can. Going out every night and going on trips, while being tiring and expensive, is the best way to meet new people. Our motto for this trip has been to never say ‘No’ to any offer (within reason hahaha) and we are having a blast.

The only things is money. I’ve spent way to much and really need to start a budget haha. So whatever your planning to bring…add another 2000 on top to be safe I’d say.

And of course I can’t finish without mentioning Australia Day. We did the nation proud and hosted a party to introduce all our international friends to Australia Day and lets just say it was memorable.


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