Dobar dan iz Hrvatska

I cannot believe I have finished my Summer School in Zagreb!! It feels like I arrived two or three days ago… not three weeks ago! I’ve done all my assessment, finished my classes and tomorrow we receive our certificates. Then we all jet back to our opposite ends of the globe!

Over the past three weeks I completed two subjects – New Media Marketing and Croatian Studies. Due to my super busyness and lack of time to post blogs, I’ll jam pack this one with all the essential info and photos on my last two weeks.

On the first day we all met at Zagreb School of Economics and Management (ZSEM). Amongst a group of around 60, I would say it was 50% Mexican, 30% French, 5% Russian, 5% American and 10% rest of the world.

We then embarked on a tour of Zagreb to see the sites and get our bearings.

The is a shot of the main group I hung out with: Francisco from Portugal, Jake from Chicago, Yuka from Japan, Fanny from France and Laura from Mexico.

On June 30th we celebrated “half new year” at Strossmatre. I loved partying with the Mexicans, they’re so much fun!

This is a photo with my housemate Lidija from Bosnia and Herzegovina/Croatia. We had a really fun night out on the town with all the exchange students for a club tour.

On the first weekend here, we went on an excursion to Trakostan Castle on Saturday which was very pretty!

On Sunday, we took a train to Slovenia and visited the capital Ljubljana. It reminded me a lot of the towns in the south of the Netherlands and Germany. So lovely!

The following weekend was our big excursion. We first went to Plitvice Lakes which was AMAZING! My photos don’t really capture how great it was so I recommend you all google “Plitvice Lakes” to get a better understanding.

We went on to Zagreb on the coast. The weather was amazing and it was really incredible to see some of the sites there.

We also went to a smaller town to swim at the beach!!

And, before we knew it we were in our final classes for Croatian Studies…

And New Media Marketing…

I’ve had such an incredible three weeks, I’ve met really awesome new friends and I’ve learnt to say dobar dan, bok, hvala and molim. The courses here at ZSEM have been great and I’m really going to miss my New Media Marketing class in particular, after spending every day together for three weeks.

If you’re thinking about exchange but feel like a whole semester is too long for you, I’d really recommend a summer school. It gives you a taste of exchange, allows you to meet lots of new people and lets you travel to new places!

So, one last day in Croatia and then it’s back to Greece for my final few days in Europe!!! This time next week, I’ll be somewhere over Asia bound for Brisbane!!

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