Pizza Pasta Gelato, I went to Milano!

Going back about a month, I was fortunate to meet four really awesome friends from Milan when they were competing in the same case competition in Maastricht. We had so much fun and bascally meshed into one QUT-Bocconi team. So how could I leave Europe without paying them a visit?

So last week, I went to Italy! I’ll tell you one thing, between Ryanair, Jet2 and Easyjet I have become very good friends with Europe’s budget airlines. And Milan was SO worth it!!

Milan is amazing! It’s renowned as a fashion hot spot but there is also amazing culture, historical monuments and FOOD!! If I had that diet for a few weeks longer, I’d be returning to Australia as a competitor on the Biggest Loser. Between pizza, pasta, Italian hot chocolate, gelato, gelato and more gelato I LOVED all the food!

All the girls were such great hosts and showed me around the beautiful place where they study. During the week, we walked around the whole city, visited the Duomo (the second largest cathedral in Italy behind the one in the Vatican), the museum of 21st century art where I saw some incredible works and the castle with really pretty gardens.

I also went to the girls university, Boconni. We went to a guest lecture by Olivier Blanchard – Chief Economist at the International Monetary Fund and professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Call me a nerd but it was AMAZING!!

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great but we were lucky to get a really great weather day on Thursday! So we headed to Lake Como which was really beautiful. FYI, George Clooney has a holiday house there. I didn’t bump into him but still pretty cool. We went sightseeing, paddle boating and ate more incredible food!

I had such an incredible week staying with all the girls and can’t thank them enough for their incredible hospitality! They are the most amazing people and I’m so glad I got to visit them!!

That was my last trip before coming back to move out of Leeds. I’m moving out on Saturday and hopefully I’ll be able to do another blog between packing and saying goodbye to everyone.


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