Exams are over!

I’ve finished my last exam in Leeds! And my emotions are somewhere between absolute elation and devastation. On the one hand, I am so happy that all the pressure is off. I actually studied really hard, particularly for statistics because it’s not something that comes naturally to me, and now I don’t have to worry about anything. But on the other hand, it means my Leeds experience has unofficially come to an end. I’ll still be hanging around for a few weeks but, realistically, all my classes are finished and the university semester is over.

Since returning from Germany, I’ve spent the better part of two weeks inside my study cave (aka my room). Last week, Ash came to visit en route back to Australia so it was fun to have a friend from Australia around. We then went to London to visit Kim (again). It’s just crazy that that was the last time I’m going to stay with Kim in London… sad face. We went and saw Legally Blonde which was incredible! The performers were just out of this world and I really love all the songs.

We then went to a few locations near Leicester Square. London nightlife is fun but expensive! I only stayed in London for one night because I needed to come back to Leeds to study so I bid farewell to Ash and Kim and came back on Sunday.

So I had my exam schedule: Tuesday, 9am, Advertising and Promotion Management and Thursday, 9am, Introductory Statistics for Management. The whole 100% exam thing still freaks me out! I hate that if you happen to have a bad day or just luck out on that one exam it’s all over. Thankfully I studied really well for both exams and I’m pretty sure that I’ve done okay on both. I was particularly scared about statistics because it was multiple choice so you couldn’t pick up extra marks for correct working and if you got one value wrong and carried it through you were likely to get the next five questions wrong as well. My two exams were sat in the concert hall in the student union and the gym. It’s pretty overwhelming walking into the gym to sit your exam with about 500 other student. Everyone has individually allocated seats and it’s a lot like the QCS with really structured rules and procedures.

In other news, it was my sister’s eighteenth birthday on Monday! I sent a giant package of presents from all over Europe a few weeks back and it made it in time – YAY! It was really hard not to be there to celebrate with her but I skyped home at midnight, over breakfast and after they got home from dinner so I didn’t feel totally left out. Most importantly, my sister had a great day and is looking forward to her party this weekend. Happy Birthday Demi!!

Wednesday was State of Origin day. State of Origin is quite a big deal in my house and always a fun event that poor mum spends supporting the Blues (to no avail). The rest of the family generally has a better time as avid Maroons! And once again, we were victorious! I listened to the online ABC Grandstand commentary and whenever someone scored I skyped home to watch the replay. (I told you State of Origin was a big deal in my family) I stopped short of going to the Australian bar at 10.30am because I did have study to do… so that’s good, right?

So it’s been quite a few days and that’s the academic part of my exchange done and dusted! Tomorrow I’m heading to Paris for the Paris International Model United Nations. I’m going to be the chairperson of the Security Council which I’m really excited about because it’s the first time I’ll be a chair! Our topics are security protocols on the North and South Poles and the situation in Sudan.  Apart from the MUN itself, I’m planning some serious sightseeing adventures. I mean, it is Paris!!

So, till next time, au revoir!

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