Essay writing and other fun times

Okay, so it was recently brought to my attention that I have been failing to talk about Leeds in my blog. So it is high time that changed.

Two weeks ago, I had three essays due in three weeks. One of the problems with exchange is that you’re having so much fun and then it will suddenly dawn on you… “hang on, I have three essays due this week!”

Thankfully I had a good start, as I mentioned on my last blog, but I still basically locked myself in my room until they were written. I looked like a super-nerd borrowing twelve books out of the library and I’m pretty sure the straps on my bag were only a couple of grams away from snapping.

At least my essays were all very different – a journalism ethics paper, a business and climate change brief and a reflective essay. The journalism one was worth 100% of my mark which really puts a lot of pressure on. 100% assessments have good and bad points. From one side, it means that you can travel and enjoy yourself during the semester and work really hard at the end but on the other hand you cannot afford to do badly as it’s basically the WHOLE unit.

The submission methods here are slightly different too. You have to go to the office of each individual school (for me, business and communications) and fill in a form. Unlike assignment minder they close around lunch time so you have to submit a lot earlier. There is also an online submission that they run through “turn it in” to check for plagiarism.

I haven’t got any marks back but the exchange results translate to QUT as a pass or fail and don’t affect my GPA. As long as I pass everything, I will be a very happy camper.

So after spending days writing my essays, it was time to celebrate! On Thursday we went to one of the international student parties. This time it was “James Bond” themed.

Friday was our residence’s ball… AT A CASTLE!! They just have all these castles all over the country so why not? Although I had quite a funny conversation with a local because they had never realised that we don’t have castles in Australia, hahaha.

So there is my dedicated Leeds update. The next one is back to my usual form: the Netherlands (with quick side adventures to Belgium and Germany).

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