Dim Sum Yum

It would be impossible to cram everything about Hong Kong into a single day – it’s a diverse city, crammed with culture, lights sounds and experiences. But I finally found the time to explore some of the more tourist sights with my girlfriend Bek.

It’s a tough, fast paced city, no time to stop.

We packed in a whirlwind mission to explore some of the culture sites of Hong Kong fueled on a diet of delicious dim sum.

For those wondering chicken feet are delicious – its like extra fatty marinated chicken wings.

Once you get over the fact you’re sucking on a chicken toe.

Here we go!

I can’t say enough how delicious dim sum is. I want some right now! Its a raucous dinner with dumplings and tea flowing everywhere.  Even with a booking, you have to fight for a seat! A little tip I was told (not sure if I have the guts to do it.) – look for people who look like they are nearly done and hover over their table until they get uncomfortable and leave! I told you it was a tough city.

Ten Thousand Buddhas - number 167

One of the monks on the way to the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery. Before you ask, there really is Ten Thousand of them. They don’t all look like this though. We made the mistake of climbing the hill the wrong way and walked into what we thought was the temple. It was infact a columbarium  for peoples ashes and paying respect to ancestors. Easy mistake to make, but those paying respect must have been wondering why we were sight seeing through a funeral home!

Fish, freshly wacked.

Hong Kong-ers have a close connection with their food. While westerners are bizarrely squemish about knowing where our food comes from – locals have no qualms with watching tonights fish be beaten to death in the super market. Oh, and the cage the bottom is full of ‘edible frogs’ – tea anyone?


Bring me... a nunnery

Feeling very gwelio (foreigner) in Sheung Wan

Watching over

The connection to religion and spirituality continues to run through the city. It provides welcome relief from the stress of daily life. The thing I enjoy most is leaving the rampant commercial life and getting lost in a totally foreign atmosphere

The World Below

View from the Peak

You can’t help but finish the day with a stunning sight. The Peak remains home to the rich and famous (actually with HK real estate you need more than fame, you need Incan treasure) and one of the worlds greatest views. Its surreal being so far above the buildings and seeing the world run below you.

My friends

Ps. This is one of my favourite photos – two local characters – a 70 year old drag queen, and a man with a Pomeranian on his head – dancing to 60s Cantopop. Brilliant.

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    alex matos

    some info on cost.. is it expensive in hong kong?
    how much do you expect to spend while there?

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      Check out my latest blog

      But I estimate $7-8k + which includes flights and maybe a little trip.

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