Why Warsaw?

 This is a question I get asked by pretty much everyone I meet.

When I was home in Australia and telling people about my exchange, some didn’t even know where it was! When they found out they were so confused by my choice.

Here, in Warsaw, when people find out I am Australian their first reaction is; “WOW!” and that statement is always followed by, “WHY WARSAW?”

Because of this question being so frequently asked in my life, I realised that anyone who happens to read my blog will be thinking the exact same thing; ‘Why Warsaw’.

I will explain.

To be honest… it’s CHEAP!

Although the Australian dollar is totally epic right now, the rest of Europe is still incredibly expensive, and that’s just to visit, imagine living there! This way, I have based myself in a cheap country and can still travel to all the expensive ones in my spare time (and spare money).

Every thing in Warsaw is amazingly priced. It’s something like 3pln to 1aud. so my accommodation is 380pln a month… that’s 150aud!! Also in the supermarkets, pretty much everything is priced how you would see at home, but in reality it’s a third of that price! My transportation is even better, on my student card; I have 3 months unlimited travel for 98pln!!!

So that is the main reason.

Second, it’s Warsaw! What could be more different than home! The country is COLD, and it SNOWS at Christmas! Also, everyone goes on holiday to France or Italy, but who goes on holiday to Warsaw? So I figured that my chances of ever going to Poland were slim.

And here I am!

So if anyone was wondering what on earth I am doing in Warsaw, there is your answer! 

Until next time!

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    Hi Leonie

    I am loving reading about your exchange experiences! I lived with a girl from Warsaw on my own exchange to Canada and am applying for my second one to Poland for next year 🙂 It’s great to get an Australian perspective!

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      Canada! that is awesome!
      A second exchange? I was thinking about that aswell, to Canada actually!! How long does your degree have to be to make that possible?
      But warsaw is a great city, it has lots of history but also shoppping centre’s way bigger than at home!

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        Canada is amazing, definitely come on exchange here! I never want to leave!

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