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What a week!

You wouldn’t know it… but Warsaw is actually a very cultural city! Not only does it have all its history and beauty, but it has events all the time. These past two weeks I have been to an international music festival, where there were workshops for beat boxing, DJ mixing and more.

I have also been to the international film festival, where I saw two epic movies. The first one, a French documentary called ‘The game of death’ (look it up), it was a sociology experiment looking into how people react to authority. The results were really scary! 

The other was the winner of the festival; called ‘The sounds of noise’ it was awesome! It was a Swedish comedy about musical geniuses who are making music out of everything. At one point they are hanging off the electricity wires, with chainsaws for bows and playing it like a huge violin! Very creative! 

Also, I have experienced my first real autumn!! The star shaped leaves ACTUALLY fall from the trees and are all different colours, lots and lots of yellow!

So yes, very awesome.

I should probably mention university… So the most awesome thing is the classrooms! In the main building, they are so totally old school! like with real old wooden desks and a black board! So cool!

I am also planning a few trips. Next weekend I will be going to Gdansk (a small polish town north or warsaw) and prague in early december.

So I have a lot to look forward to!

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    Are you planning on doing more travel than just that? Or is the cost of travel a factor?

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      Good question.
      As soon as a finished first semester 2010 at QUT I came over to Europe and did a huge 2 month trip around europe. With all my food, spending, busabout tickets, everything, it cost me about 3 grand. It was amazing. You can even do it cheaper than that if you are willing to stay in a million people dorm.
      Also, from Warsaw, there are loads of places you can get to. There is a cheap airline called wizz air that can get you to england, germany, sweden, norway, italy etc for really good prices. So at christmas i am going to denmark and sweden 🙂
      When I get home in Feb, I will have been to 12 countries during my exchange semester. Mainly due to that fact that europe is so small and easy to get around.

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        Great info Leonie! I’m planning my next exchange and had been pretty keen on getting a eurail ticket but then looked into busabout and it seems so much better!!

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          Thanks Lauren. busabout was very awesome, it works really well and pretty much everyone on the bus is australian!

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    alex matos

    Hey Leonie,
    I am also planning on traveling 2 months before my exchange and for 3 grand i think you have done well! i just wanted to ask a few questions that has been concerning me about this.
    Travelling with all your luggage was this difficult?
    What sort of luggage did you take?
    Did you take a laptop with you and was there ever any risk of it being stolen?
    and just any other tips to travel cheap for that 2 month period?

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      Hey alex,
      You will be surprised at how much everything costs. People scare you with prices, but really as long as you are careful you will be fine 🙂
      I think you should look into busabout, it was awesome and i felt really safe, especially with my luggage. With the busses you can have a really large suitcase (its up to 20kgs), and people really do travel with suitcases!
      I have to admit though, i had a base in england where i left my giant suitcase, and traveled with my little ‘on-board’ bag. But honestly, it wouldnt have been a problem to bring my big bag.
      As for safety… i dont know if i was just really lucky, but i had no problems. I did bring a laptop and it was fine. The bus takes good care of your things while traveling from city to city and when you are at the hostel you can either have a private room or use the lockers avaliable to pack your valuables in when you go out.
      You just have to be careful, its when you are out and about in the city that you are in most danger of getting mugged. Especially in rome and paris. When in these cities, just leave some money and credit cards at the hostel, as well as anything expensive that you wear… I put mine in my makeup bag then locked it away.
      I hope this helps, let me know if you need anything else 🙂

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    When you travelled for those 2 months did you just drag around all your luggage? Was that annoying? Was there ever any risk of stuff like a laptop being stolen? And what sort of luggage did you take?

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    alex matos

    thanks for that… ignore the comment on december 6th haha

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