So it feels like everything I have been doing so far, has been working up to this point. University.

That is the reason I came isn’t it? Its hard to believe that with all the fun I have been having travelling around Europe!

But I am finally here, in my university dorm, writing about it. I arrived about a week ago, and was a bit confused as we just sat outside waiting for our ‘buddies’ to show up. It’s a great system, they organise another polish student to help you out, and get you adjusted to the university life here, in Warsaw. This is the main building of SGH

The student dorms they have you in are awesome! It’s pretty much just for exchange students, so more people speak English than polish! Though I have learnt to recognise the ‘glazed eyes’ look on the other students when they don’t understand me.

 My room mate is from Germany, and her name is Melanie. She is very nice and her English is so good! She is happy I am her room mate, and that she will have perfect English by the time she goes home. I say either that or she learns how to sleep with her eyes open, pretending to understand what I am saying.

We are the only Australian’s here. The first reaction we get is; “wow! That’s so cool!” the next is; “WHY are you in Warsaw!” They just don’t understand why we would want to leave our beautiful country for the cold. And let me tell you, it is certainly cold!

This morning, I was so happy because the sky is so blue! At home, blue sky means warm. So I just put on a light jacket and went to my class. By the time I got there, I thought my hand was going to fall off! It is that cold. I may as well dump that jacket right now.

Awesome news, while Poland may not seem like a very happening country to outsiders, it begs to differ. The other day, while shopping (the malls are huge!) with some new friends, we noticed a red carpet. Thinking it was just a minor polish celeb, we stuck around to check it out. After a while, my friend who speaks polish asks a girl who was coming. This young girl looks at us as if we are stupid and replies, “Its Halle Berry”. So awesome!!! We were very excited! So when Halle Berry walked past us, and heard me talking in English, she looked right at me and said “hello”. So that just made my week, that here, in Warsaw, Poland, I met Halle Berry!

So the weather is nice at the moment, it is, at least, not raining. Though it is cold, but I am sure I will manage. Forecast is that it will start snowing in 2 weeks time!!!

Wish me luck!

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