So I’ve been asked to write this blog

Hi guys, well my name’s Andrew, I’m 19 and I study a Bachelor of Business at QUT. This year, in second semester I’m spending five months on exchange, and I’ve been asked to write about it.

The main reason I think is because going on exchange is a really big decision. It’s expensive, and means leaving everything back home – but that’s the beauty of it. My five months are going to be spent in the Netherlands, in a town called Maastricht. It’s quite small, just over 120,000 people (when university is in), and really different. The city looks nothing like Brisbane (see below), most locals speak about 4 or 5 languages (thankfully one of them is English) and it’s on other-side of the world. It’s so different to back home, and that’s why I chose it.

Hopefully what I write over the next few months will help inspire more people to go on exchange, because for some reason not many people from QUT do it. I’ve been here for a couple of weeks now and I can say without a doubt it will be the best thing I’ll do for a very long time. The people I’ve met so far (locals and other exchangers) are so friendly, I’ve visited some really awesome places (London, Dublin and Amsterdam to name a few) and there are heaps more planned (thanks to Ryanair). Before I left I had heaps of concerns, I mean getting on exchange was hard enough! – but now that I’m here I know I made the right decision.

I’ve got to play catch-up a little with my next few posts, writing about the first few weeks after the first few weeks haha, so please excuse the time-line but hopefully by the end it’ll give an accurate depiction of what exchange is like, and why you should do it!

Talk soon!


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    alex matos

    Hey Andrew,

    I’ve applied for exchange in maastricht university in second semester next year, and am looking forward to reading your blog. Could you please include how much your accommodation is and approximately how much your spending each month on general expenses etc.



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      Hey Alex,

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂 – I should have a new one up tomorrow. In terms of expenses, what they say about Europe is true – it costs alot! I’ll incorporate that into one of my later posts but at the moment I’m basically spending between 100-150e each week on ‘living’ (food, drinking, phone, haircut, restaurants, movies, etc) not including accommodation (the student accommodation is expensive, but worth it because of the people you meet). Travel outside of that is extra (and expensive too haha).

      I mean it’s really really awesome. I’ve been to London, Dublin, Munich, Efteling in Tilburg (think Dreamworld), Utrecht, Rotterdam and Amsterdam and I’ve only been here 6 or 7 weeks. But really really expensive. I’m already shuddering thinking of Paris and Barcelona in November (I’m going for about 4 days each).

      I’d be happy to send you what I budgeted if you’d like, just email me @

      Hope that helps!

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    alex matos

    also info on studying at maastricht would also be great.. thanks

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    James Diamond

    Hey Andrew,
    I’ve also applied for an exchange to Maastricht this upcoming semester.

    Your blog has been really insightful and I’m really looking forward to my exchange.

    I was just wondering, how frequent/how many days do you have to attend for class? Ive heard its really tough over there! But I still want to travel all over Europe during study…


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