So its totally not what I expected… I was all prepared with my full on winter coat… got off the plane… and it’s like 20 something degrees… haha!! not that I’m complaining!! It’s totally awesome! I still get a few more weeks of sunshine!!

I am staying in the Old Town area of Warsaw till I have to go into uni on Tuesday. I am getting used to the city before I have to study… And I love it!!

I have found that it’s a little bit of everything… its like Venice because there are loads of pigeons! Then like Paris because it has the coffee shops with umbrellas out the front. Also like Brugge because all the buildings are pretty and clumped together… totally awesome! Most people here know pretty decent English!! so my terrible Polish skills are not needed… amazingly even the zebra crossings are like pianos!! I’ll add a picture when I find a zebra crossing that doesnt have people or cars over it… There are like a million brides walking round the city with their entire bridal party, taking pictures at every corner!! Ice creams that are on cones, but like 5 inches tall! delicious cakes, the most beautiful and historic buildings ever! AND taxis that take ‘dropping you off at your doorstep’ very seriously, as they literally drive onto the pathway where people are walking to let you out of the cab!!

Warsaw is certainly a city to visit! And probably the best place for me to have come on my exchange!!

This is going to be awesome!!

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    It’s good to hear that the weather isn’t too cold (although it is only September). You will need that winter coat for November because even Polish springs are meant to be cold.

    Also, aren’t all zebra crossings like pianos? Photos please. 🙂

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      it wasnt too cold… two days ago… now its really getting cold!!!
      I uploaded the photo of the piano crossing! it is very different to a normal one!!

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