Europe has to be the most facinating place in the world!! It is light, like all day, from about 4am (not that i am up that early, but i just know) till about 10:30 at night!! crazy! however it means you get a longer day, more time to sightsee!! yay!

So I just arrived back into London after traveling around europe for a month and a half, it was so totally awesome!! Started in Brugge (Belguim), which is this beautiful, tiny little town in the country known best for its chocolates!! the buildings were the best part, they have these cool roofs which look like steps, and stick out (the photo explains it better)

so you see, awesome! only problem with the city is that there isnt much to do there… so i recomend only spending a few days there.

We then went off to Paris, which is pretty much what you expect. When in the very center of the city, totally beutiful, but as soon as you go outside, very dismal… but still, amazing! We pretty much managed to fit in all our sightseeing into one day! We did this by going on a hop-on-hop-off bus… sooo worth the money! It took you all around the main sights, with tour guides on the bus and everything.

We also got to spend a day at Disneyland Paris, which was sooo cool!! though the lines for the rides were HUGE!

From Paris we started our busabout trip. And went to switzerland! best place ever! it was so pretty!!! you literally walk out of your room at the camping ground and see a waterfall off a cliff (photo below)

Its was very peaceful, met some cool people and just hung out… there were many walking tracks (which i didnt do…) and waterfalls to see (which i did do)… so all together, totally awesome! The people in switzerland are amazing, they know perfect english and plenty of other languages!!

Then we went to munich, beer capital of the world! We stayed in Wombats hostel, which was so well organised and really nice. Lots of placed to go at night time, where pretty much everyone was! We did the walking tour in the morning, then went to the Dachau Concentration Camp the next day, was very scary and sad to think about.

Next was Innsbruck, which was also very pretty, but rained most of the time i was there. Still amazing, lots of shops, also went to the crystal musium, which was beautiful! only spent 2 nights in innsbruck, dont reqally need much longer. You can however, in winter, go bobsleding!! how cool is that! unfortunately it was too “warm” so we couldnt do it…

From there we went onto Venice, which was soooo hot and stinky! but lots and lots of shopping to be done, which was awesome! Though i got bored of shopping towards the end of our stay in venice, which is very unlike me!! lots of masks and glass to buy! Venice is an Island… i didnt know that… loads of tiny bridges!

Next stop was ROME! I was so looking forward to it and wasnt dissapointed! It was amazing and you can totally tell that rome wasnt built in a day! the history was everywhere, its just sad that all the gold and riches were taken from the ruins!

Next was Florrence, on the way we stopped off at a small tuscan village, it was beautiful. But florrence, wasnt anything like it… as i was expecting… It was much more like a normal Italian city. We hired bikes to get around, which was a mistake, as i am very clumbsy and fell off… not fun! Awesome markets though so i got lots of stuff!!

Almost over now, from florrence we headed to nice, but on the way stopped of in Pisa, which was awesome! We got to take lots of photos!!

So nice, it was very pretty, and different to where we had been so far. Its on the french coast line, so we had the ocean for once! Only problem  is that instead of sand at the beach there were big, sharp, pebbles!! so it wasnt exactly the place for sunbathing!

Last stop was dublin, we flew there from nice . Pretty cool city, though a bit too much like england for my taste. Awesome pub lunches though and lots of guinness! We got to do the guinness factory which was sweet! The founder signed a contract to have the property for 9000 years! smart man!

So now back in England and heading into poland soon!!!

Big trip, awesome fun, cant wait to do it again!!!

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