I just got back to London from my big trip around europe! A post is coming detailing that trip, but i wanted to mention busabout.

If anyone is going to europe for a holiday and want to do lots of places, please look into doing busabout! Its the best way and i totally recomend it to anyone going to europe. Its just like Contiki and Top Deck, without all the stupid parts. Like it picks you up at the most popular hostel in the city, then just drops you off in the next one. No worries trying to find the station! They have break points in between, mostly just at service stations, but sometimes at places like Pisa and the sleeping beauty castle.

There is a website that you book everything through, your seats on the bus, your accomodation. Everything.

Just check it out! i believe it only goes in summer. But there are loads of options, all around europe, Italian adventure, Greek Island hopper!!! so cool!!!

This is the Website! http://www.busabout.com/Explorer

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