Sibling rivalry in riotous rhyme!

Book cover and puppets

National Simultaneous Storytime book for 2015: The Brothers Quibble by Aaron Blabey

Blog post by Education students, Catherine Ayres and Jessica MacLeod.

Last Wednesday, QUT Kelvin Grove Library held a National Simultaneous Storytime event with enthusiastic attendance from forty children (aged from three to five!) belonging to C&K, Herston Road and C&K, School Street. National Simultaneous Storytime is an annual campaign held nationwide to encourage reading and literacy, with children coming together to listen to an Australian storybook … simultaneously!

Students reading to the children

Student volunteers, Catherine and Aaron – no, not Aaron Blabey, a different Aaron!

The book chosen this year was The Brothers Quibble written and illustrated by Aaron Blabey, a rhyming riot of sibling rivalry which was well received by all our guests. There were lots of giggles!

Children doing activities

Everyone’s involved!

Eighteen student volunteers from the Education Faculty helped the librarians run the day’s program, which involved reading the book at 11am (with the rest of Australia!), discussing it as a group and then breaking off into various activities within the Curriculum Collection (4th floor).

Aside from creating paper crowns, the children coloured in images which were run through an augmented reality app (Quiver –  3D Coloring App). This was a really big hit with young and old alike!. The children could also read other books written by Aaron Blabey or dress up in fun costumes. Although energy levels were depleted by the fun and games, nutritious snacks were provided before the children and their

child reading book

Is there a happy ending?

‘grown up’ supervisors made their journey back to Kindergarten.
It’s debatable who had more fun – the volunteers, the librarians, or the students – but whatever the answer, everyone agrees it was a rousing success, and we cannot wait to have them back in the Library soon!

Many thanks to Education students, Catherine Ayres and Jessica MacLeod, who wrote this post for us.

Shout out to student volunteers on campus

QUT is a big place. There’s a lot to learn and the pace is fast. You might feel lost on campus, or with your work.

Luckily, QUT students have the support of many friendly volunteers who use their time and skills to help others and have some fun at the same time.

  • STIMulate Peer learning facilitators help other QUT students with maths, science and IT concepts – on campus and online. They are fun-loving people who make learning new concepts enjoyable instead of scary.
  • QUT Connectors show new students around campus and their faculty or school and are full of helpful tips about what’s important during those first few weeks of university. Connectors also participate in other events throughout the year.
  • Campus Life Volunteers make our QUT campuses a more vibrant and exciting place by assisting in the planning and delivery of campus-wide events and helping to build strong communities among students within the faculties.

A big thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers – QUT wouldn’t be the same place without you!

If you would like to volunteer yourself please follow the links above.

And if some emotional support is what you need, please seek out a QUT Counsellor.