The Ekka is coming!

CaptureIt’s that time of the year again where you scour the show bag guide, look forward to seeing a bit of the country in the middle of Brisbane and save all your spare change to spend on rides and strawberry ice-cream. That’s right, it’s EKKA time! The Royal Queensland Show aka the Ekka, officially started back in 1921 and has run every year since with only two exceptions. It is definitely a Queensland staple and a tradition that is loved by over half a million visitors every year.

Now with half a million visitors the Ekka can get pretty busy. So here are some quick tips to make sure you get the most out of your Ekka experience!

Quick Tip One: Tickets

If you are an RACQ member you can save a few more pennies to put towards a dagwood dog or a few extra Bertie Beetle show bags. RACQ offer discount tickets to all their members plus a few other exclusive offers including a $50 unlimited ride pass so you can spin, fly and rattle around to your hearts content. Don’t fret if you aren’t an RACQ member as there are ticket types available to suit everyone.

Quick Tip Two: What’s on

Before you get to the Ekka make sure to have a look at the What’s On  guide. This way you can see all the awesome events you might want to go to, where they are and most importantly what time they are on. Our favourite event are the alpaca judging, wood chop and sawing and the Grand Parade.

Quick Tip Three: Transport

Ekka transport has sure come a long way since 1921 however getting to and from the Ekka can sometimes be the most frustrating part of your day. Avoid all the angst and confusion and book in advance. You can now pre-book not only parking but also air train tickets.cows-1029077_1280

The Ekka is a fun filled and jam packed 10 days. Where else can you get cows alongside rollercoasters alongside fashion parades? Hopefully these quick tips steer you in the right direction i.e. to the Ekka!

Study Spaces: Tips and Tricks!

KG Library silent study zone. Level 6.

KG Library silent study zone. Level 6.

Trying to find a place to study in the Library can be a bit tricky during semester, especially when assignments are due! Luckily we’ve put together some handy tips for you to use while in the Library.

  1. Have you booked a study room? – You can book a study room through the Library homepage. These can fill-up pretty quickly so if you know you are going to need a place to meet with your group, book well in advance!
  2. Use a training room – The Library has some training rooms used for teaching and learning, these are all equipped with computers and internet access. You can check the room bookings near the door and if they are not being used you can go in.
  3. Silent study – If you would like a silent space to do individual work, head up to the top floors of the Kelvin Grove (level 5 and 6) or Gardens Point (level 6 or 7) Library.
  4. Researchers’ Centre – On level 6 of Kelvin Grove and level 7 of Gardens Point there is a study space for postgraduate students called the Researchers’ Centre. If you are eligible to apply for access, come to the Library Helpdesk and ask for further information.
  5. Curriculum Collection collaborative study zone – For those students at Kelvin Grove, the collaborative study zone in the Curriculum Collection on level 4 of the library has large, open spaces perfect for group work.

Where is your favourite area to study at QUT Library? Let us know in the comments!