Mythbuster Series: Shhhhhhh!

Myth #1: You can’t talk in the library.

Not-A-Librarian: “You must love telling people to be quiet all the time.”

Please Keep Quiet in the Library By Enokson (CC BY 2.0)

Librarian: “Only when people ask that question.”

Contrary to popular belief librarians don’t revel in shushing people all day. The days of the library being a silent place of study are long-gone and librarians are embracing the community spirit. We like to think of the library as a place where students can not only do individual silent study but come to work on assignments or study with peers.

To help facilitate your collaborative study needs we have group study rooms available for you to book in advance. If you need to blow off some steam after an exam or assignment, why not get a group of friends together and play some games in the Games Lab. Students are free to talk to their peers on each level of the library – except those areas that are marked for silent study (the top two floors of Gardens Point and Kelvin Grove Libraries).

So remember, the library doesn’t need to be the kind of place you can hear a pin-drop but be mindful of your fellow students and keep noise to a respectful minimum (or we’ll have to shush you!).

Study Spaces: Tips and Tricks!

KG Library silent study zone. Level 6.

KG Library silent study zone. Level 6.

Trying to find a place to study in the Library can be a bit tricky during semester, especially when assignments are due! Luckily we’ve put together some handy tips for you to use while in the Library.

  1. Have you booked a study room? – You can book a study room through the Library homepage. These can fill-up pretty quickly so if you know you are going to need a place to meet with your group, book well in advance!
  2. Use a training room – The Library has some training rooms used for teaching and learning, these are all equipped with computers and internet access. You can check the room bookings near the door and if they are not being used you can go in.
  3. Silent study – If you would like a silent space to do individual work, head up to the top floors of the Kelvin Grove (level 5 and 6) or Gardens Point (level 6 or 7) Library.
  4. Researchers’ Centre – On level 6 of Kelvin Grove and level 7 of Gardens Point there is a study space for postgraduate students called the Researchers’ Centre. If you are eligible to apply for access, come to the Library Helpdesk and ask for further information.
  5. Curriculum Collection collaborative study zone – For those students at Kelvin Grove, the collaborative study zone in the Curriculum Collection on level 4 of the library has large, open spaces perfect for group work.

Where is your favourite area to study at QUT Library? Let us know in the comments!

Games lab is go!

Come and try out your gaming skills in KG Library’s newly minted Games Lab!

Located on level 4 of KG Library (near the fabulous CD music collection) you can play all your favourites on Wii, PS3 and Xbox.

PS3 Move and Xbox Kinect are also available if you’re feeling energetic after a long, taxing lecture. Bring your mates and duke it out in a sword-fight or play some ping pong!

All games equipment is available to borrow from the Learning & Research Desk on level 2 of the Library. Just ask the helpful staff at the Desk. Games are also available in the Course Reserve collection and on level 4.

Need a quiet place to study?

Needing a quiet getaway? All QUT branch libraries have a variety of places and spaces for group and individual study.

At KG Library, levels 2, 3 and 4 of the library are designated zones for collaborative group work. Levels 5 and 6 are designated as zones for quiet, individual study. Basically the higher up you go, the quieter the spaces (and the more spectacular the views) become.

It’s a similar setup at GP Library, with levels 2, 3, 4 and 5 designated zones for group work, and levels 6 and 7 designated for quiet, individual study.

Lounge and readings areas and study carrels are available at all campuses, as are bookable study rooms. Visit the library website to find out what multimedia- equipped study rooms are available in your branch library, then use the online booking system to book in. Or come and ask at the Learning and Research desks.