Referencing Hack #1 – Edited eBooks

With assignments getting finalised, referencing is high on the To Do list. Over the next week or so we will be sharing our top tips for referencing to make completing your assignment that much easier.

The first tip we want to share is referencing a chapter in an edited eBook with QUT APA. Although there are no specific examples in QUT cite|write on how to do this, we recommend combining the references for Chapter in an Edited Book and Electronic Book (eBook) together. You keep the first half of the Chapter in an edited book example but when you get to the publishing details exchange them for the eBook details including the eBook platform and the URL or DOI for the eBook. Below are 2 examples, from the APA Blog, on how put this all together.

The second example contains a DOI, which is a Digital Object Identifier, and should always be used if available over a standard web address.

Key takeaway – even if you can’t find a specific referencing example for your resource on QUT Cite Write, you can build your own reference using parts from other examples. This goes for many referencing styles! However, if you are unsure about your referencing, you can always contact the library for assistance.

Have a tricky referencing question? Let us know know can add it to our Referencing Hack series!

Study Hack – Take a break!

MId-semester break

It’s Friday and our week of Study Hacks has come to an end, we hope you’ve picked up some tips to implement in your work for the rest of semester (and the rest of your studies). If you are interested in seeing some more student-made study hacks take a look at QUT Library’s Pinterest board.

You will be able to find all the information discussed in previous blog posts by visiting the Students tab on the library homepage. Why not take a couple of minutes to look around and see what other study tips we have to offer? And if it all gets a little too much… don’t forget Library staff are always here to help.


Just a reminder to check our opening hours if you plan to study in one of our branches over the Easter long weekend and during mid-semester break. Some more tips on how to take a break during mid-semester will be coming soon so keep an eye out!

Study Hacks in the Library!

Hack (noun), a clever solution to a tricky problem

Study Hacks

  • What’s the best piece of study advice you’ve ever received?
  • What do you wish someone had told you when you first started uni?
  • What are your study hacks?

Over the past few weeks, QUT students answered these questions and have shared many clever solutions to tricky study problems. You can see these online and around campus during semester.  The latest pop-up will be at the Law Library on Level 5 from Week 7.

Don’t forget that there are many services who can assist with study and assignments at QUT, including:

  • Study Solutions: one-on-one help with your study skills and assignments
  • ALLS: develop your English language skills, understand your assessment task, and improve your reading, writing and speaking.
  • STIMulate: get assistance with skills in maths, science and IT

A full list of all tools, resources and people who can support your learning is here.