Reading for the holidays

Did you know now that semester is over you can actually read for fun?

QUT Library subscribes to some fantastic online resources which you can read on your mobile device when you take a break from uni. Whether you are jetting-off on an overseas adventure or relaxing by the pool, our ebook and audiobook choices will put you right into holiday mode.

Overdrive and BorrowBox are two options where you can read or listen to books online. You can download books to either your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer.


Goodbye Mad Men

10eHave you ever loved a television program so much that you cried when it ended? There were more than a few sad faces in the library when the season finale of Mad Men rolled around. We even had a tribute magnetic scrabble game on our staff message-board.

Mad Men ran for 7 seasons and reintroduced the modern world to the fashion, politics, and home-life of 1960’s America. We saw a glimpse of what life was like for the ad-men (and women!) of New York in a sometimes romanticised and sometimes no-holds-barred kind of way. The series grew to be a cultural phenomenon not only for the nostalgic value but for the social commentaries on gender, race equality, and of course, advertising.

Do you want to live in the world of 1960’s Madison Avenue for a little longer? Why not check out some of the awesome titles we have in our collection.


Mad men unbuttoned : a romp through 1960s America / Natasha Vargas-Cooper.
Mad men and philosophy : nothing is as it seems / edited by Rod Carveth and James B. South.
Mid-century ads : advertising from the Mad Men era / edited by Jim Heimann ; introduction by Steven Heller.


Mad Men and Politics [electronic resource] : Nostalgia and the Remaking of Modern America / Lilly J. Goren.
Mad Men, Mad World [electronic resource] : Sex, Politics, Style, and the 1960s. / Lauren M.E. Goodlad.
Analyzing Mad Men [electronic resource] : Critical Essays on the Television Series. / Scott F. Stoddart.


Nineteen Sixties Drama

Print vs ebook showdown

Here's something print books can do that eBooks can't! "Book Sculptures" by  Paradasos  (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Well you can’t do this with an eBook! “Book Sculptures” by Paradasos (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Here in the QUT Library we don’t believe that print books and ebooks should be pitted against each other and held up to be mortal enemies forevermore. There are pros and cons to each and the new book smell is only a small plus for print after all.

But we’re reasonable like that. The rest of the world seems intent on the print versus electronic battle continuing on as evidenced last week by the Huffington Post article ‘Sorry ebooks. These 9 studies show why print is better’.

Among the nine pro-print reasons was an interesting point about the high ‘distractability’ of an ebook. In a blog for The Huffington Post, Naomi S. Baron noted that in “studies I have done with university students in several countries confirm what I bet you’ll find yourself observing,” she writes. ‘When reading either for (school) work or pleasure, the preponderance of students found it easiest to concentrate when reading in print. They also reported multitasking almost three times as much when reading onscreen as when reading in hard copy.”

It’s an interesting observation regarding the ability of the reader to hone concentration when reading the written word as opposed to digital and is something this Blog has discussed before. However, the benefits and convenience of ebooks can’t be denied and for those who want print – ebooks do have capacity for printing portions to allow for the best of both worlds!

So there’s no need to be Team Print or Team Ebook but if you have an preference for one over the other in different situations, let us know in the comments below!


New ebook collections

QUT Library now provides access to the following ebook collections. These ebook collections add more high quality ebook content to our existing ebook collection. All ebooks are available via Quick Find or the QUT Library Catalogue. Contact Ask a Librarian for more information or assistance to use these resources.

American Chemical Society (ACS) Symposium Series Online
American Chemical Society (ACS) Symposium Series Archive

CCH Ebook Collection 2012

Emerald Business, Management and Economics ebooks Series Collection

IEEE eLearning Library via IEEE Xplore Digital Library

IEEE Wiley Ebooks Library via IEEE Xplore Digital Library

IGI Global InfoSci Books (2012 Collection)

Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET) eBooks

Intersentia 2011 ebook collection

Palgrave Connect ebook collections:
Business & Management Collection 2011
Business & Management Collection 2012
Business & Management Collection 2013
Economics & Finance Collection 2011
Economics and Finance Collection 2012
Economics & Finance Collection 2013
Education Collection 2011
Education Collection 2012
Education Collection 2013
Language & Linguistics Collection 2011
Language & Linguistics Collection 2012
Language & Linguistics Collection 2013
Literature Collection 2011
Literature Collection 2012
Literature Collection 2013
Media & Culture Collection 2012
Media & Culture Collection 2013
Political & International Studies Collection 2011
Political & International Studies Collection 2012
Political & International Studies Collection 2013
Social Sciences Collection 2011
Social Sciences Collection 2012
Social Sciences Collection 2013

Royal Society of Chemistry ebooks (2012 Collection)

ScienceDirect ebook collections:
ScienceDirect Chemistry eBook Collection (2012)
ScienceDirect Computer Science eBook Collection (2012)
ScienceDirect Engineering eBook Collection (2012)
ScienceDirect Energy eBook Collection (2012)
ScienceDirect Environmental Science eBook Collection (2012)
ScienceDirect Finance Books 2012
ScienceDirect Forensics eBook Collection (2012)
ScienceDirect Materials Science eBook Collection
SpringerLink ebooks Professional and Applied Computing (2012)
SpringerLink ebooks Earth and Environmental Science (2012)

Springer ebook collections:
Business & Economics eBooks (2012)
Computer Science (2012)
Engineering (2012)

Woodhead Publishing ebook collections:
Energy and Environmental Technology (2008-2011)
Materials and Engineering (2009 – 2011)
Materials and Engineering (2012)

Please make use of these excellent resources to support your learning.

Reading library ebooks on your smart phone or tablet

If you have an iphone, ipod touch, ipad (iOS) or an android based device (many other smart phones and tablets) then you can borrow and download 1000s of ebooks right on to it from QUT library.

The advantage? You can read the books even if you are offline and they look real good that way – turn the pages, bookmark, search and highlight like it was your own.

How do you do it? A few simple steps.

1.    Download the Bluefire reader app
2.    Register for an Adobe id – very simple, very fast
3.    Use the browser on your device (e.g. safari) to navigate to the ebook in our collection: try searching our green QuickFind box
4.     Connect to the ebook and download the ebook from the tab or button provided
5.    The ebook will be automatically downloaded to the Bluefire reader app where you will find it – downloaded ebooks look just like the ones on the Kindle or iBook apps with similar functionality

However, this only works for ebooks  on EBL and Ebscohost (the main platforms used at QUT library) .  Ebscohost will prompt you to log in. Many publishers will only allow ebooks to be read online so you’ll have to check.
More detailed instructions on how to do this and a comprehensive guide to using ebooks on a variety of devices including Kindles and Kobo are on our amazing subject guide: QUT Library Ebooks and Reading Online/Downloading to Computers/Smartphones/Tablet Devices/Ebook Readers

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