SAGE HDR Student Publication Prize

And the winners are… SAGE Higher Degree Research Student Publication Prize 2023

Guest post by Stephanie Bradbury, Manager, Office for Scholarly Communications
On Wednesday 6th December the Sage HDR Publication Prize Awards were announced in a small ceremony in the Kelvin Grove Library (Curriculum Collection area). Thank you to everyone from the Library who attended to show support for their students. SAGE Publishing has sponsored this initiative and awards since 2014. We continue to acknowledge their generosity and support in encouraging high quality publishing by our HDR students. This year, the level of participation and the quality of all 114 submissions was astounding. All research publications reflected the high-quality, diverse and impactful research taking place at QUT.

Dr Keri Freeman (GRE+D) announced the awards and each recipient described their publication and gave a publishing tip. The collection of publishing tips will be available shortly on the QUT Library Blog. Here are the award recipients and their paper:

Madeleine Bennett, Biripi & Koori woman, won the Indigenous HDR student prize with her recently accepted paper 🏅

Bennet, M. (2023) “Any male victim?” The legacy of conflating paedophilia and homosexuality and the differential seriousness of sexual abuse by victim gender. Psychiatry, Psychology and Law.

Kristina Chelberg (attended via Zoom)

Faculty of Business and Law

Winner: Kristina Chelberg 🏅

Chelberg, Kristina (2023) ‘Vulnerable Monsters’: Constructions of Dementia in the Australian Royal Commission into Aged Care. International Journal for the Semiotics of Law, 36(4), pp. 1557-1580.

Commendation: Ashesha Weerasinghe 🎖️

Weerasinghe, Ashesha, Chapple, Ellie, & Williamson, Alexandra (2023) Indigenous directorship pathways through transformative leadership: a content analysis of reconciliation action plans (RAPs). Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, 36(5), pp. 1319-1349.

Faculty of Creative Industries, Education and Social Justice

Winner: Jo Kingsman 🏅

Kingsman, Jo (2023) Negotiating masculine identities: Adolescent boys’ experiences of a school-based rites of passage program and its potential for gender transformation. International Journal of Educational Research, 122, Article number: 102257.

Carly Lubicz (attended via Zoom)

Commendation: Carly Lubicz 🎖️

Lubicz-Zaorski, Carly, Newlands, Maxine, & Petray, Theresa (2023) Fuelling the climate and science ‘denial machine’ on social media: A case study of the Great Barrier Reef’s 2021 ‘in danger’ recommendation on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Public Understanding of Science.

Faculty of Engineering

Winner1: Seyed Meghdad Ghaseminia 🏅

Ghaseminia, Seyed, Zahra, Tatheer, Thambiratnam, David, & Thamboo, Julian A. (2023) Response of RC shear walls with single and double layers of reinforcements subjected to in-plane cyclic loading. Structures, 56, Article number: 105005.

Winner 2: Krishan Rana 🏅

Rana, Krishan, Dasagi, Vibhavari, Haviland, Jesse, Talbot, Ben, Milford, Michael, & Sünderhauf, Niko (2023) Bayesian controller fusion: Leveraging control priors in deep reinforcement learning for robotics. International Journal of Robotics Research, 42(3), pp. 123-146.

Vishal Bellie Subramani (attended via Zoom)

Commendation: Mr Vishal Bellie Subramani 🎖️

Subramani, Vishal Bellie, Atanda, Luqman, Doherty, William O.S., Rackemann, Darryn, & Moghaddam, Lalehvash (2023) Co-liquefaction of cotton gin trash and low-density polyethylene wastes via supercritical ethanolysis for hydrocarbon-rich oil. Energy Conversion and Management, 290, Article number: 117216.

Faculty of Health

Winner: Sally Griffin🏅

Griffin, Sally B., Palmer, Michelle A., Strodl, Esben, Lai, Rainbow, Guo, Cathy, Chuah, Teong l., et al. (2023) Impact of a dietitian-led very low calorie diet clinic on perioperative risk for patients with obesity awaiting elective, non-bariatric surgery: A retrospective cohort study. Surgery.

Hanif Bhuiyan (attended via Zoom)

Commendation: Hanif Bhuiyan🎖️

Bhuiyan, Hanif, Ara, Jinat, Hasib, Khan Md, Sourav, Md Imran Hossain, Karim, Faria Benta, Sik-Lanyi, Cecilia, et al. (2022) Crash severity analysis and risk factors identification based on an alternate data source: a case study of developing country. Scientific Reports, 12(1), Article number: 21243

Faculty of Science

Winner: Cailan Jeynes-Smith 🏅

Jeynes-Smith, C. & Araujo, R. P. (2023) Protein–protein complexes can undermine ultrasensitivity-dependent biological adaptation. Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 20(198), Article number: 20220553.

Jack Powers

Commendation 1: Jack Powers 🎖️
Powers, Jack, McGree, James M., Grieve, David, Aseervatham, Ratna, Ryan, Suzanne, & Corry, Paul (2023) Managing surgical waiting lists through dynamic priority scoring. Health Care Management Science, 26(3), pp. 533-557.

Chihcheng Hsieh (attended via Zoom)

Commendation 2: Chihcheng Hsieh 🎖️

Hsieh, Chihcheng, Nobre, Isabel Blanco, Sousa, Sandra Costa, Ouyang, Chun, Brereton, Margot, Nascimento, Jacinto C., Jorge, Joaquim, & Moreira, Catarina (2023) MDF-Net for abnormality detection by fusing X-rays with clinical data. Scientific Reports, 13, Article number: 15873.

Eight people standing against a wall displaying the certificates they have just been presented with.
Award winners who attend the SAGE HDR Student Publication Prize in person. Left to right: Stephanie Bradbury, Manager, Office for Scholarly Communications, Sally Griffin (Health – Winner) Jo Kingsman (CIESJ – Winner), Krishan Rana (Engineering – Co-winner), Cailan Jeynes-Smith (Science – Winner), Seyed Meghdad Ghaseminia (Engineering – Co-winner), Ashesha Weerasinghe (Business & Law – Commended) and Madeleine Bennett (Indigenous HDR Winner)