Does everyone (who needs to) know just how good you are?

Guest post by Sandra Fry, Scholarly Communications Librarian (acting)

Crowing black and yellow rooster on brown sticksSometimes in your work life, especially around the time of promotion rounds, you need to take the time to check in with yourself and make sure you’re showing off some of your greatest assets – your research outputs.

Often this type of self-care work is put aside as we aim to just get through the day, the week, or the semester.

So, in a bid to ensure you are where you want to be come promotion time, consider these points a call to action!

  1. Get your publications into QUT ePrints via your Pure profile – there’s nothing worse than working for months on a significant new paper or creative work only to find people can’t see it in your ePrints profile.  The best way to do this is to import your publications into PURE via your Pure Profile (all staff and research students have one).
  2. Screen shot of a computer screenThe link to do this will be on your Pure Profile page under the Tasks heading on the right-hand side under the +Add Content The default setting is to import from Scopus, and it will show if you have any items which are able to be imported.  They appear as import candidates, and you need to review, import & save each item individually.
  3. If you know you have outputs which have not come into your profile via the Tasks link, they may be able to be imported using other online sources such as Crossref which uses DOIs to find your articles – just click on the +Add Content button-> Research Output->Import from online source->CrossRef ->add your DOI & search.
  4. If you can’t import your outputs from online sources, you can always add them manually via the template using the +Add Content
  5. Get into the habit of checking your Pure profile at a regular time, say the last Friday of the month after lunch or make a recurring calendar entry so you don’t forget to add any new outputs.  The more regularly you import them, the more up to date your profile will be.
  6. To ensure all potential readers can access your research publications (not just those with access to university libraries) make the author accepted manuscript available, by uploading it to the Pure record or sending it as an attachment to
  7. If any of your non-traditional or creative works need to have items added to the Pure record, for example an exhibition catalogue, images, audio recording or mp4s, you can upload them individually in Pure, or send them as attachments to

And finally, to get into the best position possible ahead of your application:

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