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ANZAC Day 2022

ANZAC Day, 25 April, is a day of national remembrance.

Department of Veterans’ Affairs, ANZAC Day Poster 2022

“Australians commemorated the first Anzac Day on 25 April 1916, which was 12 months after the first landings on Gallipoli. The anniversary has been observed every year since. With few exceptions – when Australians felt themselves threatened by invasion in 1942 and during the COVID-19 pandemic of more recent years – Anzac Day commemorations have always included a publicly attended dawn service and march ”

We have no World War One veterans left and so few veterans left now from World War Two but we can continue to remember them.

If you’d like to learn more about the ANZACs, check out our library collection. We also have two displays in the Kelvin Grove Library to help you get started.

We have resources for school age people too!





You’ll find this display on level 4 in the Curriculum Collection at Kelvin Grove



This book display is on Level 3 in Kelvin Grove Library









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